Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Fun Visit

Today Peyton is SO excited!! She knows that someone special is coming to visit her today. She can hardly wait for her Jim and Jim mom to get here!!

Jim and Jim mom is my aunt and uncle who live in Twin Falls. Since living there we have gotten very close to them. Peyton thinks of them as grandparents and they treat her like a granddaughter especially since they don't have any grandkids. Peyton LOVES them so so much and is so excited to see them today. She calls my aunt Sandy Jim mom. We don't know where she got it from but it's really kinda cute!! They also have a dog named Maddie that she adores so so much. I think they will be bring Maddie along for the ride. Every dog Peyton sees she calls Maddie!!! Today will be a fun day for all of us and are excited to have a familiar face come and visit.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vacation Time!

I am getting more excited as the days pass on for our cruise. It's only 13 days till we leave. Joel and I both NEED this trip more than anyone knows. We both need a break from the real world and need a week of relaxation and sun! This will be the first "real" trip we have ever gone on together. We didn't really go on a honeymoon we went to Victoria, Canada but it wasn't anything romantic. I just hope this next week and a half goes by fast!!!

Peyton Locked in the Car

Last Thursday was a new experience I thought I would never have to go through! I went to pick Peyton up from daycare and had to get her car seat strapped back into my car. While I was strapping it in Peyton was up front pretending to drive having fun. I got it strapped back in and asked Peyton to crawl back so I could get her buckled in. She was all in and ready to go!!

I then shut Peyton's door and tried to open mine. The door was locked. So I tried Peyton's door, it was locked. I tried the rest and they were all locked. When Peyton was playing around up front she must have hit the lock button. The worst thing about it was I didn't even have my phone because it was in the car. I had to run back inside the daycare and get a phone to call Joel at work. Joel wasn't answering his cell or work. I finally got ahold of him and told him the situation. Jodie, Peyton's sitter, told me to hold up the phone to the car and have Joel push the unlock button. We tried that for like 5 mins and it wasn't working. So Joel said he was leaving and that he would get there as soon as he can. With traffic it can take him 30 mins to get to where I was.

Peyton was doing okay but looked a little nervous. Jodie lives next door to a locks smith. So her husband when over and told him what was going on. The lock smith came over and worked for about 15 mins to get the car unlocked. Finally the doors were unlocked!!! Luckily the lock smith didn't charge me his high fee of 100 bucks!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Egg Hunt

Before our Easter dinner we had a little egg hunt for Peyton in the back yard. She thought it was absolutely wonderful to run around and find eggs. She had a blast!!!

Easter Sunday

Okay so I just have to be honest when I say it's been a REALLY long time since we have gone to church and really it's been a long time since Peyton has gone. We went this last Sunday since it was Easter and all, and Peyton had a darling dress to wear.

I didn't know Peyton would be so entertaining. She was singing so loud at all the songs and was waving her arms like the conductor does. Then when the sacrament was coming around she was saying YUM as she rubbed her tummy loud enough the whole church heard her. The best was when they were sustaining new callings to people and they asked if anyone opposed...........Peyton held her hand up every time and laughed like she knew what she was doing. We almost made it through church without any fowl language when at the very end she was frustrated with her book that she said CRAP really loud like 4 times. I could have crawled under my bench!!! It was very entertaining and Joel and I had a great time laughing at her the whole time!!! Here she is in her beautiful Shabby Apple dress that she wore for Easter!!!

Sorry the pics are blurry my camera broke so I had to take these on my phone!

Weekend of Fun!!!

This last weekend we had a ton of fun as a little family. We started Saturday off by baking cupcakes and frosting them pretty for Easter. We then dyed Easter eggs that night and Peyton had so much fun. We tried to have a fun and eventful weekend to make up for lost time in the week that we didn't get to see Peyton!!!

Our yummy cupcakes!

Peyton having a fun with the eggs!!

Newest Addition to the Family

I have been wanting to blog all weekend but my Internet has been down. And I have wanted to take lots of pictures since it was Easter but my digital camera broke :( I don't know what else could go wrong. So all these pics are from my cell phone that is also broken :( It seems like everything is breaking on me.

Well Friday night we went to the mall to let Peyton build a bear!!! It was kinda her present for Easter but it was also a "I feel guilty for leaving you at daycare." I started working last week and have been so busy with work and juggling my family, the cooking and cleaning that I feel like I don't even have time to think.

So anyway about Peyton and her new friend Zoe.........we took her in and she pick out the cutest bear and cute outfit. We named her Zoe and ever since she has not left her Peyton's side. She even took her to daycare today where she played with her all day!!! She loves her new friend and we are always welcoming new friends to our family!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working Girl

It's official!!! I went up to Boise yesterday and had a working interview. It was only suppose to be a couple hours but I worked 7!!!! It was a shock to get back into work but at the same time it was so great. I forgot how much I miss working. I will be working at Aspen Dental Care. I know it's kinda funny because before I had Peyton I worked at Aspen Dental!!! But trust me there are no pervert dentist here. Some of the dentist are actually female. It's a huge practice and there are about 25 girls that work there!!! And 4 dentist!!! It will be a ton of fun and I can't wait to get started. There are so many changes that are happening right now in life for us and it has been great. We feel like our answers are finally coming to us.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

In my earlier post I mentioned we went back to Boise to find a house. Well we found the perfect one!!! It's so cute and in the cutest little subdivision called Mosher Farms. Our house is a pretty yellow color with red door and black shutters. It's just perfect and I can't wait to move in. When we got there Peyton loved the house and ran around covering her mouth screaming!! Thats exactly how I feel about it. I think Joel really likes it too but you know him........he never likes to act excited!!!

Flower Girl

On Saturday Joel, Peyton, and I headed back to Boise to look for more places to live. While we were up there we had to run to Davids Bridal and try a dress on Peyton for my brothers wedding. I just wanted to share a couple of the cute pictures. Peyton LOVED the dress and didn't want to take it off.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The ABC's of Me

A-Attached or single? Very attached.....Married
B-Best friend? Nicole
C-Cake or pie? Cake anykind, but my favorite is coldstone ice-cream cake
D-Day of choice? Saturdays!
E-Essential item? Computer and cell phone
F-Favorite color? Hot pink
G-Gummy bears or worms? Bears.
H-Hometown? Stanwood, Washington
I-Favorite indulgence? Chocolate
J-January or July? July most definitely cuz it's warm
K-Kids? Yes only one and she's 2
L-Life isn't complete without? My family and friends
M-Marriage date? August 13, 2004
N-Number of brothers and sisters? 5 brother and 1 sister
O-Oranges or apples? Oranges.
P-Phobia and fears? Fear of dying and leave my family behind
Q- Quote? I do what I have to do, so I can do what I want!
R-Reason to smile? It's a nice sunny day out
S-Season of choice? Summer because it's warm and you can go boating, fishing, and just hang outside
T-Tag three people: Kristin, Dayna, Holly, Emma, Tonia, Grandma Biggs
U-Unknown fact about me? When I was 2 I sat in a box of nails and got them stuck in my butt!!
V-Vegetable? I love carrots, peas, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes almost any!!!
W-Worst habit? poping my knuckles
X-X-ray or ultrasound? I have had both.....ultrasound is way better!!!
Y-Your favorite food? I don't really have one. I like a lot of different things.
Z-Zodiac sign? Taurus
Now all of you must do it!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Okay serisouly I have got to get my tan on. Joel and I leave in 39 days for our cruise and I am still pasty white. Whats the hold up you ask???? I don't know if I should buy a package of tans of one at a time.........with us moving I have no idea when. I just need to buckle down and go today about two more times after that this week. I need to go 2-3 times a week and so does Joel but he hates tanning. I guess he will just burn and be miserable!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just The Two of Us.....

Joel and I had a great weekend away. We headed down Saturday morning to Salt Lake for a work party! It was a much needed weekend together without Peyton. It's always nice to be childless for a night and actually have fun with your evening that doesn't involve coloring or putting together puzzles with a two year old!!!

We went to the Utah Blaze game. Apparently Utah has an indoor football team that nobody really knows about because everyone there had no idea who they were till we actually got to the game and learned more about it. We all hung out in this suite while we ate some yummy food. Then we watched the fireworks show and the Idaho Managers decided it was time to leave!!! So a bunch of us went to Porta Call and hung out and played pool.

Like I said it was a much needed getaway. My aunt and uncle watched Peyton for us. I usually worry about her when we are gone and leave her over night but for some reason when we leave her with my aunt and uncle I know nothing can go wrong. Let's just say they spoil her WAY too much and she get all the attention she wants and trust me they give it to her. Peyton had so much fun with them that when we went there to pick her up today she would hardly talk to us and only wanted to be with them!!! She was asleep when we left there house this afternoon and when she woke to find herself back at home all hell broke lose. She was so upset and was calling JIM (who is my uncle) and she was calling JIM MOM (who she calls my aunt) and then she was calling MADDIE (who is there dog)!! She wanted to be back at there house and not with her own parents!!! What are we going to do when we move and she can't see them??? I guess we'll have to come visit a lot. I took a few pics and thought I would share!

This is how Joel feels about me taking pictures!

Finally some time alone

Joel LOVES it when I take these kind of pictures