Sunday, December 27, 2009

Party Time at the Congers House!

I know everyone is probably SHOCKED right now that I have blogged so much today, posted a video, and even changed my header! I know I have been so very productive! Not to mention I took down all the Christmas decor and cleaned my house spotless!!!

So Joel and I hosted our very first Christmas party!! We invited all our friends and had a great time! I think it was pretty successful for our first real party. Everyone loved our new house and had a good time at the party. This will be a for sure get together we will have every year from her on out! Here are some pictures that my fabulous friend took of the night, thanks Kristin you rock and I freakin' love you!!

Peyton with her little buddy Cole

Shan and Me

Kristin and Shan

Nora with her man

Kristin and I in our cute tights/socks!

haha I don't really know what's going on here!

Us girls know how to have a good time together!!! I love you girls!!!

Christmas Morning Video

One very cool present we got this year was from Joel's parents. We got a creative camera!! We have been using it and will continue to use it because it is so handy!!! It makes it very easy to record anything and upload is even easier. We are so glad we have it and are excited to record more of Peyton so family can see her!! This is Peyton on Christmas morning. We had to pull Peyton out of bed at 7:20 and she still was half asleep when she first saw what Santa brought her. Thank you Sherm and Becky for the present!!

Dance Recital

Peyton had her very first dance recital on December 16th. She was so so excited and couldn't wait for the that evening to get all dolled up with make-up and her hair all curled.

I was hoping that little miss thing would do great as her uncle was coming to watch her perform. We got there an hour early and they had there rehearsal before the big show started. We were so excited and waiting for Peyton's dance to come on couldn't wait to watch her light up the stage. This little girl knew her dance so well and would perform it at home for us any chance I would let her!

It was now Peyton's turn to dance.......the curtains open and there they are all ready to dance! They all looked so cute, the music starts and all the girls start and look so cute as they are all on key! It was great and I was so proud of Peyton for being a big girl!! After dancing for about 45 seconds the little girl next to Peyton decided to run off the stage. Peyton sees this and thinks she will join her. So then we see Peyton running off the stage after Madison and leaving her dance and all behind her. Next you see Peyton's teacher Miss Kami bring the girls back out on stage. Peyton then stand there staring at her teacher that is off on the side of the stage and glares at her teacher the whole rest of the dance.

Peyton is a very stubborn girl. If she doesn't agree with something she will let you know. I'm pretty sure that because her teacher brought them back out on stage she was upset and then decided to not dance the rest of the time. When the whole recital was over I asked her what happened. Her response was "Mom the curtains were so big and scary, and there were way too many people there watching me!" I don't blame her to a point because there were probably about 250 people watching all those little girls!!

I was so sad that she didn't finish her dance and that she chose to be a stinker. I'm hoping that her next recital will go better and she doesn't decide to run off the stage.

Peyton with her uncle Taylor! She LOVES him sooo much!

Pey and daddy

Pey and Mom

Peyton being Peyton!

I think she hiding her face because she's ashamed she didn't finish her dance!

Christmas Time

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had one of our best this year. Being in our new house has made such a difference and even though it was just the three of us we had a great time. Plus Peyton totally scored this year on gifts and got EVERYTHING she wanted!!

Peyton had one Barbie Christmas. She got her barbie bike, barbie computer, barbie doll house, barbie helmet, and tons of barbies!! She was one happy little girl. Here are some pictures to show all the fun and good stuff she got!

First lets start with a few pictures of our new Christmas jammies we all got!

Peyton's Barbie house that she loves from Sandy and Jim (my aunt and uncle)

Peyton's Christmas are always out of control and she gets WAY too much!

Her tent that she loves to hide in and play

Here she is smiling big for the camera, she was such a happy girl

At my aunt and uncles on Christmas day playing her computer. I'm pretty sure this is here favorite gift, from her Nana and Bobba

We can't forgot Bella.....She had a great Christmas too! She is now sporting this!!

If you want to get your lil' pup one go here it's probably the most we have spent on Bella but definitely worth it!

Hope everyone had a Christmas as awesome as our!!!