Sunday, July 22, 2007

Peyton's a Big Girl!

We finally made the decision to move Peyton into a twin bed. I know she is still young but she is almost 18 months. I know some people think she is so little still but Peyton was getting to the point where she was trying to climb out of her crib. I thought that she might get hurt if she kept trying that. So we made the big change. Last night was the first night she slept in it. I thought it would be a horrible night trying to get her to stay in the crib. She did amazingly well. She slept all night in it and she doesn't even have side rails. I hope that this keeps up and that it stays this easy. I guess time will be the judge on that.

Great weekend!

Well this last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Conger came to visit along with aunt Emma and uncle Jon and James!! We all had so much fun. It's not like we were out every second doing something of great fun but it was really nice to just hang out and relax.

Peyton loved having everyone here. But I must say that Grandpa Conger captures her heart the most. She wanted to be with him every second that she could and and if she couldn't be with him she got very upset. I think that Sherm really enjoyed this!!

Also while they were here Joel and Sherm put Peyton's new bedroom furniture together. She is now in a big girl bed!! Peyton also got her hair french braided from Grandma!! It looked absolutely beautiful!! What a fun time we had. It was so nice to spend time with them. Thank you so much for coming to visit!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Brushing Teeth

I can't believe how big Peyton is getting. It almost makes me wanna cry and jump for joy all at once. Jump for joy because I can't wait for her to get out of her naughty little temper tantrums but sad because she's not my little baby anymore.

She really is such a fire ball!! She is constantly on the go 24 7. She is doing so many new things. Some are really funny but not so good and some are just plan awful!!

Her newest thing is she loves to stand on her stool and brush her teeth. She really looks like such a big girl when she stand there!! She loves to sing the song the wheels on the bus. She even does some of the actions!! She also loves to come up to you and hit you on the leg and point in your face and say "DON'T"! I think she learned the don't from me because sometimes I do say that to her!! She also loves to play with the kids next door! They are much older then her Kaidance is 10 and Savannah is 8 but they play so well together. They play right outside the door for hours or the kids come inside my house and play in her room! They are so sweet with her and are teaching her how to share. That is a much needed thing right now in her life. She is just so much fun.

I am so thankful that I can stay home with her to watch her grow and experience new things all the time. If it wasn't for my devoted, hard working husband I don't think I would be able to stay home with Peyton!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

No more Binki!!

I think it's time to celebrate!! Peyton is completely off a binki!! We have been working with her for about 3 weeks with trying to get rid of it. She has not had one for a week and we actually threw them all away about 5 days ago. She is doing much much better without it. She got into a bad habit always wanting it when she saw it and thinking she needed it when she was sad or upset.

I had been doing reading about the pacifier. I didn't know this but I have read things saying the older your child get they can have problems with having a pacifier. They won't be able to say certain letters or I even read that it can cause them to have MORE ear infections. After I read all that I knew it was time to throw that thing away!!

Also I wasn't going to have a two year old with a binki. I think it looks awful when kids have them too long and they are talking and have a binki in there mouth. I even think Peyton was too old to have hers. I just never wanted to take the time or the crying I knew I would experience with it. Let me just say it was worth it!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Gitty Up!!

Ever since I brought those cute pink cowgirl boots home all Peyton ever wants to wear is those and nothing else!! Every morning when she gets out of the tub she runs to her room and tries to get her boots done from the armoire that they are in. And if she doesn't get to wear them she throws a huge fit and screams. I think the boots are pretty cute myself, but she needs to understand you can't just wear them and nothing else!!

Can you say tired?

Well let me start off by saying that Peyton has been going through a really bad phase right now. It all started about two weeks ago. She has a problem with not wanting to go to bed at night. And she has a problem with not wanting to take a nap either.

I am not sure what has changed and why she doesn't want to sleep because she has always been such a great sleeper. Well with her not taking naps like she should be this is what happens when dinner time rolls around at night. Once that little belly is full she is out!! I can't even believe she fell asleep in her high-chair!! I really hope she gets out of this phase soon!! It is wearing her out! O am me too!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well last night we went to the PBR Rodeo in Rupert, Idaho!! Enterprise actually sponsors the whole PBR tour. So Joel got tickets from work to go. We took my aunt and uncle that live here in Twin Falls. Since living here they have really gotten to know Peyton and have become like another set of grandparents to her!! They spoil her so much!! For most of the night this is exactly what Peyton's face looked liked! She loved the horses and all the wild bulls!! She was an angel sitting there for 3 whole hours and not once did she want to leave!!

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the rodeo!! The ones to the far right are Peyton with my aunt Sandy and my uncle Jim!!

Look at my little cowgirl!! She look so stinkin' cute
in her pink cowgirl boots!! She loved them and fit right in with all the cowgirls at the rodeo!!