Saturday, July 14, 2007

No more Binki!!

I think it's time to celebrate!! Peyton is completely off a binki!! We have been working with her for about 3 weeks with trying to get rid of it. She has not had one for a week and we actually threw them all away about 5 days ago. She is doing much much better without it. She got into a bad habit always wanting it when she saw it and thinking she needed it when she was sad or upset.

I had been doing reading about the pacifier. I didn't know this but I have read things saying the older your child get they can have problems with having a pacifier. They won't be able to say certain letters or I even read that it can cause them to have MORE ear infections. After I read all that I knew it was time to throw that thing away!!

Also I wasn't going to have a two year old with a binki. I think it looks awful when kids have them too long and they are talking and have a binki in there mouth. I even think Peyton was too old to have hers. I just never wanted to take the time or the crying I knew I would experience with it. Let me just say it was worth it!


Kristin Bishop said...

I'm proud of you! I have to get him sleeping in his big boy crib this weekend and I am scared. He loves to sleep in his swing.....and about 6 every morning ends up in between me and jarom (which he loves!) It is so hard to take away something that they love or makes them feel comfort. Good Job. She is so adorable. I want a pair of those boots for myself!

The Leavitt Family said...

ya..its about time Chayse is done with his..and pulling my hair. i might bald early if he keeps it up! :) i love the pic of her falling asleep in her highchair! chayse totally does that! :)

Dayna said...

yay for Peyton, and you. She is growing up so fast. Love you guys!