Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halloween Early!!

Today at work my kids wanted to try on Halloween costumes!! We found a box way in the back of the storage closet today that was labeled Halloween. So we all tired them on.........YES even me. I only did it for my kids because they were begging me to try on this clown costume. It's not even October yet but all my kids in my class are so excited for Halloween and can't wait for it to be here!! Take a look at my cute pictures that I took today of my kids!! Don't laugh at how funny I look. It was a lot of fun to play around though. Everyone needs a day like today!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Poppy Seeds

Last Tuesday night my neighbor made us some yummy lemon poppy seed cake. Joel wasn't feeling to well that night so he decided to give Peyton his cake too!! She loved it so so much. About 3 hours later Peyton broke out in this wierd red rash all over her face. Not only did she have a weird rash but she started to breath funny. I knew right away that it must have been the poppy seed cake. She had never had poppy seeds and so I guess we can say she is allergic to them. It's funny now when I look back on the pictures on how bad it was but at the time I was a little scared because of the whole breathing thing. But she is just fine and still sassy as ever!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Twin Falls County Fair

Today we had a great day with my aunt and uncle. We went to the Twin Falls County Fair. Growing up my mom always talked about the Twin Falls Fair and how fun it is. She would always tell us it's the best fair ever. It was a lot of fun but I don't know if it's my favorite fair ever. I think my favorite one is the Puyallup Fair.

We took a few pictures of our fun day. Peyton's two favorite things were the pony rides and feeding the animals!!
Here is Peyton enjoying the pony ride. She didn't want to get off it!

She was trying so hard to look at him eating!

That goat was trying to jump out at Peyton, she was getting excited

Here she was feeding the little goats. She would laugh when they would lick her hand!

I think Peyton had a lot of fun. I also think my aunt and unlce had a great time seeing Peyton having a great time and being so funny with all the animals!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Little Gems

Well I thought I should let everyone know that my blogging will be slowing down. I just started a new job and am so so busy. The only time I will probably blog is on the weekend seeing how that will be my only free time.

I just started a job at a place called Little Gems. It is a pre-school/daycare. I will actually be a teacher in the pre-school area working with the 3 year olds. Peyton will be in a different class with her age group. I know what people think when they hear daycare but it's actually more like a pre-school and it was rated #1 in Twin Falls. That being said is great seeing how there are over 50 daycares/pre-schools in Twin Falls. I am very excited to be doing this not only for myself but for Peyton. They teach a lot of great things that will benefit Peyton. She is getting on a wonderful schedule which is really helping me out. And she's not a picky eater anymore because she can't snack all day like she usually does at home. She only gets breakfast, lunch, a afternoon snack and dinner. Peyton is doing well with the whole situation. I can already see a change in her. Plus the extra money is GREAT!!