Sunday, September 16, 2007

Poppy Seeds

Last Tuesday night my neighbor made us some yummy lemon poppy seed cake. Joel wasn't feeling to well that night so he decided to give Peyton his cake too!! She loved it so so much. About 3 hours later Peyton broke out in this wierd red rash all over her face. Not only did she have a weird rash but she started to breath funny. I knew right away that it must have been the poppy seed cake. She had never had poppy seeds and so I guess we can say she is allergic to them. It's funny now when I look back on the pictures on how bad it was but at the time I was a little scared because of the whole breathing thing. But she is just fine and still sassy as ever!!


Dayna said...

she is so cute cute cute...and looking older, too. That rash is a little scary...good thing she is fine! miss you all!

Kristin Bishop said...

aaaghhhh! That is sooo sad. I feel so badly for her. I guess no more poppy seeds for peyton. How are you liking Idaho? I think about you all the time. WE had some pretty interesting experiences at good old lymans, huh? Peyton is so adorable. So when is #2 on the way? HA HA. I asked that to jarom the other day and he gave me the most awful look.