Monday, December 31, 2007

9 Stitches Later

Last night was quit the adventure with Peyton. We were just hanging out at my aunt and uncles house just having a fun night of playing games when it turned into tragic!!

While Peyton was playing with Maddie, my aunts dog, and playing with Ali, a friends dog, Peyton tripped and fell on Ali. Ali's natural dog reaction was to snip and it just so happen to get poor Peyton's face.

So needless to say we spent 2 hours in the ER room last night and 9 stitches later we made it back home. Peyton had to get 7 in her check and 2 in her lip where the dog bit completely through her lower lip. Luckily the bit on her face was straight across and easy to sew up. I am just thankful it's not any worse then it is. Because I have seen cases where the dog has bitten a chunk out of a child's face.

Peyton is doing great!! Last night after it happened she only cried maybe 5 mins and didn't cry till the held her down to stitch it up. She is a tough little girl and I am grateful for that. It's hard to see your child in pain. I think I cried as much as Peyton last night while they sewed her up.

Here are some pictures of her sad little face. Two of them are from the hospital that I took on my phone. She had to put on a cute little yellow gown. I really just hope it doesn't leave to much of a scar.Here it is before they sewed it up. I know it might not look too bad, but trust me it was bad and was bleeding for over 2 hours until they stitched it up

Here she is in her little hospital gown reading a magazine

These ones were taken this morning. Poor girl!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This morning Peyton was having so much fun in the bath tub!! She was laughing so hard about her hair when I put this foam soap all over her hair. She was looking on the little metal piece on the tub to see what she looked like. I had to take a picture to share her funniness!!

Look at This Great
action shot of her falling!!

Christmas Slide Show

Here is the slide show I promised!

Christmas Day

Can I just say "AWH"! (With a big sigh) I am so glad that Christmas has come and went. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas. It is actually my favorite holiday. I just love the feeling Christmas brings but also when it is over I feel so relieved that I can sit back and relax once again!!

Joel Peyton and I had a wonderful Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with my Aunt Sandy, Uncle Jim, and cousin Jeff. We had a great time. Then after dinner Joel, Peyton, and I came home to open our new pajamas and read The Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning Peyton woke up with so much excitement as if she really knew what was going on. She loved all the great things Santa had brought to her. She kept saying Santa and smiling so big.

We had my aunt, uncle, and cousin over for breakfast and so they could watch Peyton open her presents. It was fun to have them over and share that experience with them. Peyton got a lot of fun things!!

In my next post I will post a slide show of Peyton on Christmas!! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

22 months old

I can't even believe that Peyton is 22 months old and in two short months she will be 2. Wow where does the time go? It really does seem like just the other day we were finding out that I was pregnant. It makes me a little sad to think that my little baby girl is almost 2. But at the same time I can't wait for her to experience life and all the joys it brings. She has already started her terrible twos and I am ready for that to end, but unfortunately I think it has just begun.

She is just so much fun! It seems to me, but maybe because I am her mom, that she gets prettier by the day!!

What a cute girl with a lot of sass. I just don't know where she gets her sass from??

That time of year

It seems to be that time of year where you are always making yummy treats and taking them around to family and friends. Well yesterday we had our neighbors over for dinner and then decorated sugar cookies. We all had so much fun. I got everything earlier in the day time by preparing the dough and making all the frosting. Peyton even helped me and got mad when I wouldn't let her hold the hand mixer all by herself. By the time we were done making the frosting I had red and green frosting all over my kitchen. What a mess it was but how fun it is to bake with Peyton!! Here are some of the pictures I took of yesterday. Peyton got to lick a beater with frosting and was so excited. After she was done with it, she licked it so clean it looked like it had just come out of the wash!!!

She still looks pretty clean her in this picture. She was just getting started!

Like I said she was so excited to eat this she even took a quick second to smile at the camera!

By the time she was done it was all over her face, hands, and clothes!! It almost looked like she was bleeding. Maybe I should have given her the green one!!

Leavitt/Conger Christmas Party

So last Saturday night we had a little Christmas party with our friends Nicole, Brandon, and Chayse!! We had a lot of fun!! Nicole made a very yummy dinner for all of us then we hung out and opened presents, and ate peppermint ice-cream. It's always fun when we hang out and the kids have so much fun together. It seems like when we hang out it's never enough time. I feel like we get there and then we have to leave. I wish we still live in Logan so we could hang out all time like we use to!! Here are some of the fun pictures Nicole took because I had forgotten my camera at home!!Here's the kids eating there ice-cream cones!! They enjoyed them!!

Chayse was trying to kiss her and she was too into her ice-cream at this point!

Peyton talking on her new cute phone that Chayse got her!

Joel and I

Me and my "bestest" friend and me!

We all had such a great time!! I feel so lucky to have such a great friend!! Even with me moving all the way to Twin Falls we have so close and still talk almost everyday. Nicole is the kind of friend that you usually only find once in a lifetime. We can talk about anything and everything and we are always there for each other to help one another out with our problems. Nicole I don't know what I would do without you and who I would call when I need to talk or have a problem or I just want to vent. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you and am thankful that our lives crossed paths way back in March of 2005. Thanks for everything you do for me!!

Peyton in Washington

See I told you I would be back to post some pictures. I wanted to start with my Washington ones. Now I didn't take very many put I did at least want to share some of the fun things Peyton did!! Peyton got to eat by candle light every night!! She loved it and could hardly wait for her Nana to get it for her and put it on her highchair!!
My parents have a Homer that sings music and says funny Homer sayings!! It's great but Peyton was so scared of it. I asked her to go stand by Homer so I could take a picture and this is as close as she would get!!
She helped Nana and Boba (that is what she calls my parents, Boba is what we called my great grandfather) put up there Christmas tree and decorate it!

I wish so badly we could have a dog. Peyton LOVES dogs so much. She had so much fun with Gretchen. I think Gretchen was ready for us to leave cuz Peyton bugged her so much!!

We had a lot of fun in Washington!! It seems like it was so long ago that we were there. Hopefully someday Joel can be transfer up there so we can be closer to my family!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Okay so I know I have been back from Washington for almost two weeks now and still haven't posted anything. (Thanks to Nicole for reminding me!) I thought I would just write a quick over-view of everything that has been going on. I promise to blog more tomorrow and post up some pics!!

We'll all my Christmas shopping is done and has been for quit some time. I finished most of it in Washington. The funny or not so funny things is while I was there I was finding all these great deals and bought all my stuff there. When it was time to re-pack for me to fly home I had a slight problem. I couln't fit all my stuff into my suitcase. Well two huge boxes later and a total of 50 bucks shipping I don't know if it was really worth it on all the great deals!! But it was a lot of fun shopping with my mom for two whole weeks!!

This last weekend we got to travel to Logan. It was a lot of fun!! We got in Saturday night and had a wonderful Christmas party with our "bestest" friends (who we miss so so much) the Leavitt family!! We had a great time I will post pics and blog more about that later.

Then on Sunday we had the Conger Christmas party. It was a lot of fun but we really missed Nate, Tonia, Dayna, Matt, Joel, and Emme. We wished everyone could have been there. It just wasn't the same without you guys. But we still ate too much and played some really fun games.

Then on Monday I had to go to court for the whole case with Matt Lyman the dentist I use to work for. I was hoping it was my last time there but the Judge wants to do his final sentencing on March 17th. But until then he will sit in prison. Thank you Judge Jankins for not letting him get away with what he has done!!

Sorry this post if a little boring. I promise to be better since I am home and my life is slowly slowing down. I hope everyone is ready for Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Taking a Break!

I am currently out of town in Washington and have been since 2 days after Thanksgiving. I am at my parents house helping my mom Christmas shop for everyone!! Let me just say it has been so so much fun. I almost don't want to go back to Idaho but I know Joel misses Peyton and I both. So I won't be posting till I get back which I won't be back till the 8th!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Little Drummer Boy

With Christmas right around the corner I have been thinking about Christmas music. Today I was shopping with my mom buying presents for everyone when we went into the music store. While in there my mom notice they had the new Toby Keith Christmas CD and couldn't wait to buy it. So it got me thinking of my favorite Christmas song and sung by the two and only Simpson girls!! I just wanted to share it with you all....