Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas '08

We had a great Christmas and hope everyone else had a great one too!!! Once again this Christmas Peyton got TONS of stuff. She is so spoiled. She really is a lucky little girl with lots of people that love her very much who like to spoil her. Just to name some of her favorite things she got.......

*Her Barbie Bike
*Her Red Retro Kitchen
*Her new Table and Chairs
*Her Easel for Painting
*Mouse House
*Princess Tea Set
and so much more!!

It was also so wonderful to have Joel home for Christmas. We have missed him so so so much and are sad he has to leave again tomorrow morning. Here are a few of the pictures from Christmas morning. Looking through them I just found out I didn't take any of Peyton in her Christmas dress. So sad because she looked so so cute. She wore a fur coat that I had when I was her age that my aunt and uncle gave me. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Comet and a New Vacuum

So with that person gone that I was talking about in my earlier post, these last couple weeks have been a trial for me. Peyton really knows how to push my buttons and by that I mean ALL of my buttons. She has really been testing me lately thinking she will get away with more things. I feel like all I have been doing lately is yelling at her to stop that, knock that off, please listen to me, and the list goes on and on and on!!

I know this time with Peyton one on one has been good and will be good for both of us, if we can just continue to not totally drive each other crazy. So the whole reason why my post title says Comet and a New Vacuum is because of this.......

On Saturday I was doing a little cleaning around my house and Peyton wanted to help. When she wants to help I just give her a damp cloth and tell her to go wipe down her room. Well this last time Peyton thought she was being extra helpful.

When ever I clean and vacuum I usually use that carpet odor know the stuff that looks like baby powder. Apparently Peyton found the comet and thought it was my carpet stuff. She went around the living room and hall way dumping that stuff EVERYWHERE. When I came out of my room to check on her she had already used the whole, almost full can, of comet. All I could do was scream. My first thought was it would bleach my carpet if I didn't get it off immediately. I hurried and vacuumed the huge mess almost choking to death from the comet dust. After it was cleaned up I went to vacuum my bedroom and noticed that my vacuum was no longer sucking anything up and only shooting out comet dust. I decided to take the whole vacuum apart and clean it thinking that this would help. Today I went to vacuum up a mess Peyton had created on my floor. The vacuum didn't work again. After looking at it I knew we would have to get a new one. So off to Target we went. The thing that makes me the maddest is that the old vacuum we had wasn't even old......we bought it about 10 months ago :( I hope this new one can handle all of Peyton's messes!

Is It Over Yet?

Okay so this post might be depressing for some.......If you are one that loves Christmas and never wants it to end you better stop reading NOW!! I just have to say that I am ready for this holiday season to be over. I am ready to take my tree down, all my lights on the outside, and all the Christmas decor on the inside that is EVERYWHERE. The only thing I am not wanting to stop is the smell of my salt city candles which is Christmas trimmings.

I think I am feel this way for a few different reason......#1 being that it just doesn't even feel like Christmas this year or any other year since I moved away from my parents. And #2 the fact that someone is gone right now (most everyone knows who I am talking about and don't want to make it obvious for the weirdo's out there!) who I really wish was here to help me make it feel like Christmas.

I just keep thinking only 8 mores days and it will all be over. I hope everyone else is enjoying there holiday season more then I am!

Monday, December 1, 2008

.....Family Photos.....

My best friend Nicole took our family pictures while we were in Logan for Thanksgiving!!! They turned out pretty cute.....way better then I thought!!! Thanks again Nicole you are an amazing friend and photographer!!!


Peyton had her first "real" experience with Santa tonight!!! It was pretty cute. While waiting in line she could hardly wait to get up to the front of the line......then when it was her turn she looked a little nervous. She sat on Santa's lap for about 1.2 seconds and jumped off. I then told her that she needs to sit on his lap for a quick picture and she would get a coloring book from him!! After our pep talk she jumped back up on his lap, got her picture taken, and then he gave her a coloring book. Then she hugged him and said "Thank you!" I think in her picture she still looks a little nervous!!!