Friday, June 27, 2008

Mrs. Meyers

I just finished cleaning my house with Mrs Meyers rhubarb and I just had to say I LOVE it!!! It smells so wonderful. I also really like the new basil smell. And just to let everyone know is having a sell on all there Mrs. Meyers stuff!!!! So stock up while you can!!

Kohls and No Keys.....

The other day I ran to Kohls to get a quick shirt for this BBQ we were having at work and I didn't have the right shirt to wear. I thought I would just run in and out and hurry home because Peyton was tired and ready for a nap.

We got to Kohls and I put Peyton in a basket thing, not the one with the stroller because apparently Peyton thinks she's too big for a stroller. I ran to the junior section to look for my shirt. I found it fast and was headed to check out when I thought to myself "I wonder if they are having a sell on shoes?!" Silly me headed over to shoes and looked for a bit and got totally side tracked. I then headed throughout the store looking at all their goods. I finally decided I had enough whining from Peyton and headed for check out with my few great things I found. After paying I went and dug through my purse and was looking for my keys. I kept digging knowing that they were in there because I remembered locking the door. I start to panic when I have dumped out my whole purse and still no keys. I was so upset because they were know where to be found. While we were shopping I remember Peyton was being naughty and going through my purse and trying to entertain herself while I shopped.

To make a long story short I lost my keys in Kohls, had no cell phone because it was locked in the car, Joel was at work 35 mins away and I had a 2 year old that was ready for nap about to make me go crazy!!!! After being there for 2 hours I finally got Joel to come pick me up and take Peyton. After all the time looking I finally gave up and was headed out to my car with Joel's car keys. I noticed a bright color thing in a stroller basket and went and looked in. There they were my keys. My only guess is another little kids found them and was playing with them and put them in the stroller basket. I am just thankful to have found them!!!

Wedding Pictures!

Okay, okay, okay..........I know everyone has been waiting to see some of the pictures from the wedding. Here are some of my favorite ones!!

She is the prettiest bride ever!!

What fun girls I met!!

The wedding party

Peyton did a lot of dancing, it was so cute

She look like a little princess in her dress

The first dance, her dress was amazing

Taryn and I!!!! I love you sis!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Back!

I know it's been awhile since I have posted. We have been out of town for Tyson's wedding and have been super busy. Just wanted to let everyone know we are home after driving all night last night and getting home this morning at 5 am!!! Sometimes those are the best times Joel and I have when Peyton is sleeping and we can just talk for hours!! I will be posting some pictures here soon to show everyone what a great time we had.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 20th

I am looking forward to this Friday June 20th!!! This Friday my brother Tyson is getting married!!! WAHOO!!! I am so excited for him and can't wait for the new adventure of marriage to begin with him and his beautiful wife. I am also so excited because I will be getting a new sister in law. Taryn is so awesome and fits so perfectly in our family. I so glad that Tyson found Taryn. She is so impeccable for him. I really hope them a happy marriage and can't wait to be there to spend it with them. It will be so wonderful to have all our family there. I will be sure to post lots of pictures!!! Peyton will be a flower girl and I am a bridesmaid. It will be fun and a great memory to look back on!!

Hooray For Peyton

It has been almost 2 weeks since Peyton has worn a diaper. Peyton started potty training a little less then 2 weeks ago. I guess there is a time when a kid is 'Just Ready!' I went to pick Peyton up at daycare and Jodie her teacher told me that Peyton has been throwing fits to put her diaper on and would scream for panties. Jodie told me to bring some panties to daycare and try it out. Peyton has been doing GREAT!!!! Thank goodness because I am so sick of buying diapers. She has an accident here and there when she gets into playing or a movie but she does really good about running to the potty when needed she has actually gone days without any accidents!!! Yesterday when we were out and about she surprised me. We were in a toy store with TONS of fun toys that she was playing with and right in the middle she said "mommy poop" I ran her to the bathroom where indeed she did poop!!!!!! All I can say is HOORAY for Peyton!!! I hope she keeps up the great work.

Happy Fathers Day!!

I wanted to start my post off by saying Happy Fathers Day to my daddy. My dad is the best dad any kid could ever ask for. He was always at our sporting events growing up, out in the yard showing us how to throw a football or baseball, taking us on fun vacations, taking the boys hunting, going out on our family fishing trips, always teaching us something new all the time, taught us how to be a hard worker, would help us with our school projects that required building or science experiments, and was always there for us whenever we needed him. My dad is the most charming, caring, brave, courageous, heartwarming, entertaining man I know!!! I love you dad and want you to know how much you mean to me. I really do cherish all the memories I have from growing up and sometimes I wish I could just go back to being a little girl and being able to crawl up on your chest and fall asleep!! Happy Fathers Day!!

I always wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to Joel...........He is a great husband and dad to Peyton. I am so lucky to have found him and even though we go through our little bumps now and then I don't know where I would be without him. He is doing such a great job at being a dad and since I have started back to work the whole parenting thing has gotten a little easier for me. Joel has taken a lot more responsibility with the whole tittle of "DAD" He helps me out so much with Peyton and I really do value all of his help. Joel I love you and I know Peyton loves you just as much even when she is sassy and acting up. Thanks for all your hard work to support our family and for being a great dad and husband. I love you!! P.S. I think it's time for #2 since you have done so well with #1

Monday, June 2, 2008


Peyton and I just got back from Washington and we had a ton of fun!! Peyton loves her nana and bobba SO SO SO much and is lucky to see them as much as she does. We only got to spend 5 days with them but still in a short amount of time we did lots. We are excited to see them in 2 weeks and 2 days for Tyson and Taryns wedding. Then after that my mom will be back her in Boise for a week to take care of Peyton while I have surgery!!

I mostly wanted to just post some of the funny pictures I had taken while there!!! I hope you enjoy.........THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR ALL THE FUN!!!!! We miss you guys already and CAN'T wait to come back in a few short weeks.

Peyton and Bobba in the hot tub! She loved it. She thought it was a giant bath tub!!
What kid to you know that would lead a bear on a lease?

She was even brave enough to ride the bear!! My parents keep it in there garage!

Peyton spent many moments in this car. Who ever thought a child would love a car that my
parents picked up from the side of the road that had a sign on it that said FREE!!!

Peyton just being her normal self..........goofy

My mom gave Peyton this box and she played in it for hours. I guess I better
stock up on boxes

She really loved it when Gretchen would hang out with her in it. Poor Gretchen hated it
and jumped out at every opportunity