Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Paddy's Day

Did the leprechaun make it to your house?  He came by ours and turned our whole dinner green.  From our enchiladas, to the sour cream, even our rice was green!  And of course I only took one picture.  I really need to get a nice new camera so I take more photos. 

Sunny Weather!

Yes Boise has finally been blessed with warmth.  The last few weeks have been in the high 50's low 60's.  Its been capri appropriate weather!!  O how I love the sun.  Im super excited for summer.  I think one of the biggest things I am excited for this summer is all the swimming and playing Peyton and I will be doing.  Plus since I have lost 25 pounds in the last 6 months I am excited to wear summer clothes!!  Here are a few shots of Peyton at the park with her friend Cole.  Peyton was so excited to be outside for longer then 5 mins without freezing.

The Best Mommy Ever!

I hear several times daily these sweet remarks from Peyton:

  • You're the best mommy ever!
  • You're the awesomeness mommy!
  • Mom you're my best friend.
  • Mom you're the super, awesome, best mommy ever.
  • Mom have I told you that you're the coolest mommy ever
I think it's pretty awesome that Peyton thinks I'm so cool. hahaha Too bad it won't last forever.  One day she will know the truth that Im just normal!  And last night I hear from Peyton's room as Joel is trying to tell her a story "Daddy you suck, mommy can you tell me a story?"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Day We Have Been Waiting for!

Yes that day we have been waiting for has finally come!  The day we signed our life away on a house.  Not just any house, but an incredible beautiful house that is brand new (even though it's 5 years old, nobody has lived in it yet!) We have been dealing with this house and waiting to sign on it since Sep 4th.  Luckily we got to move in early and live here while we traveled the long road of hell to get to the signing part.  We signed yesterday in the a.m. and by the afternoon it was recorded and officially ours!

Over the past few months of living here we have spent so much time and money on this dang house that if something were to go wrong and we didn't close on this house it would have been awful.  We are so glad to be able to buy our first home.  Yes, we have bought before when we lived in Logan and bought a condo/townhouse thing but really that's not a house or even close.  When you buy your first house it's so much different then a condo/townhouse because you actually own the whole building.  When you buy a condo/townhouse you own a section.  Which is just gay!!    Yesterday after we signed it was probably one of the happiest days of my life.  Not to mention when we walked out of the title company I felt like a huge relief was just lifted off of me!  THANK THE LORD!!

Also I better add a few pictures for my mom who is dying to see our new entertainment center.  We finally found something that we loved for our living room.  We needed to add something to it because it is such a big room that it looked so empty.  It's not complete done yet (yes mom I will be adding some greenery to it and some other fun stuff on top!)  Which means I am headed to Grapels today!!  To shop for me and my mom who loves the store as much as I do.  Plus I get to venture out in the snow that fell last night!  Hope everyone has a great weekend because I know I will!!  Oh and it's girls night out for me and my two besties which means a good dinner and a fun new chick flick that I am dying to see!!  YAY FOR WEEKENDS!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Always a Grand Conversation

Over the past few days Peyton has been killing me with her question/comments or anything out of her mouth.  Here is some of her random thoughts, questions, and comments.

Peyton (in the bathroom screaming): "Mom I threw up in my underwear!"

Me:  "What do you mean you threw up in your underwear?"

Peyton: "Mom just come and see it!"

Me: "Alright I'm coming."

Looking at her underwear she is holding and it's clearly road rash, skid marks, poop in her underwear what ever you want to call it.  So I say

"Peyton that is not throw up that is poop from not wiping your butt good enough."  Plus you can't throw up in your underwear when your wearing them!"

Peyton: "Mom I didn't say I threw up, my butt threw up in them!"

Where does she come up with that at?!

While showering with my sweet daughter she asks me this............

Peyton: "Mom does your boobie have an ouchie?" (pointing to my areola)

Me: "No Peyton that is just part of the boobie."

Peyton: "Mom when will I have huge boobies like you?"

Me: "When you are older honey."

Peyton: "Older like when I am five?!" (seriously this kid can't wait till she turns 5 because she knows she gets to start school and ride a bus and she talks about turning 5 and every time I say when your older she thinks 5 is the magic number.)

Me: "No Peyton when you are much older like a mommy older."

Peyton: "Oh, okay as long as I have huge boobies like you!"

A few weeks ago the elders in our ward came over to introduce themselves and invite us to church.  While sitting and visit with them for about 20 mins we were just finishing up our visit with them when my sweet child came running in and sat right in front of them.  She raised her hand and pointed to the sky with her pointer and blurts out "THEY DRINK COFFEE!"  I probably turned 5 shades red and started laughing.  I didn't turn red because they now know I drink coffee, kinda hard to hide when you have a coffee pot on your counter.  I turned red because I can't believe my daughter randomly said that to someone in our house and the fact that she knew it was a bad thing to do and go to church??  Im sure it's because my mom has told Peyton soooo many times not to let me drink coffee because it's not good! Thanks mom!!

When we first moved into our house we had a serious problem with birds on our house and pecking at our house.  Every night Joel would go out and hunt for birds and shoot them and every night he would come in and say "those damn birds are at it again."  After a few weeks with the birds I was getting Peyton into my car and she noticed bird poop on my car.  She asked me what it was and I told her it was bird poop.  Her lovely response to that was "THOSE DAMN BIRDS!"  Oops we need to watch what we say because she is constantly soaking in what we say.

On Valentines day Peyton killed me with this one.  Joel was opening up his present from me and one of the funny things I got him was red velvet handcuffs.  As soon as he pulled those babys out Peyton saysBow-Chicka-Bow-Wow!"

Questions Peyton has asked me in the past month:

  • "Did you buy this house for 40 bucks?"
  • "Mom do you have butt hair?"
  • "Can you buy me a laptop like yours?"
  • "Will you please buy this movie for me, it's only 40 bucks!"
  • "Mom why are some people's house sooo messy and ours is always clean?"
  • "Can I please live at Nana's house?"
  • "Will you trade Bella for a new dog?"
  • "Why are you mad at daddy? Is it because he's playing his game again?"

Peyton makes my life so enjoyable and entertaining!! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Killing Bugs

Someone has to do it in our house. Joel won't and Im so sick of being the only one to do it. Peyton killed her first bug tonight and it was hilarious. She told me it was a crane fly or a dragon fly. Come to find out it was the smallest bug I have ever seen. Check it out!

The Longest Story of the 3 Little Pigs!

Peyton's new thing is telling stories.  Her favorite one to tell is The 3 Little Pigs.  I hope you like the story as much as Joel and I do.  We get to hear it all day long.  And did you know wolfs piss and puff?? haha

Peyton Gets Bored A LOT!

The title says it all.  So in a bored day Bella gets to deal with Peyton.  Enjoy!

More Time for Me!

In the last week weeks it seems like I have had more me time.  More time to do the things that I like and more time at home.  I enjoy spending time at home.  As long as my house is super clean and organized then I love to be at home doing nothing but relaxing  I have spent many days on the couch this last several weeks.  You wonder why my lazy ass has been on the couch??  I was working on a project for my dad.   I created my first website.  My dad had been wanting to re-do his website with some flash design and more updated looks.  It was a lot of fun learning the ins and outs of web design and learning a new program called Dreamweaver where I created the website all on my own!

I have been able to do this sitting on my couch because my husband bought me a killer Mac laptop so I can start free-lancing on the side.  I have another website I may be starting in the very near future!

You probably wonder how I have the time to be doing this when I work full time at Aspen Dental?  Well I actually am working part-time now only 3 days a week which has allowed me to have this extra time.  It has been good and I really love being home more with Peyton.

If you want to check out my dads website you can by going here

Sneaky Girl

If I am upstairs calling for Peyton, or anywhere else for that matter (besides the kitchen) and she doesn't answer me or there is just too much quiet going on. I come down to usually find her doing this......

Doesn't frozen whip cream sound so good on an empty tummy.......YUCK!  You usually doesn't sit at the counter and usually hides on the ground on the other side of the island in our kitchen so I can't see her.  She has eaten so much whip cream, and hot butter rum mix that is frozen in our freezer in the last few weeks.  I think it's time to just toss it all.  It's not like we will be eating/using any of it!