Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zoey Update!!

It has been 3 days with our new puppy Zoey!! I just wanted to give everyone a quick little update on how the little girl is doing. She has only had one accident so far in our house. She is doing amazingly well at this whole potty thing. Lets just hope she keeps it up. As far as sleeping goes we have tried to put her in her cage at night and it's been a little heart-breaking to hear her cry and whine. So for the last 3 nights she has ended up in our bed. Peyton absolutely loves her so much and talks about her non stop. It's been a HUGE adjustment getting Zoey but we love her so much!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Addition To The Family!!

I am jumping for joy right now!!! Joel finally gave in to getting a family dog. We picked out sweet little girl up tonight and have been having tons of fun with her since we got her. Peyton just loves her to death and doesn't' want to stop holding her and following her around the house. Bedtime tonight was a huge ordeal because Peyton wanted the puppy to sleep with her. We asked Peyton what she wanted to name the puppy!! Peyton's first response was "puppy?" Then it was "doggie?" Then after a few more names like Gretchen (who is my moms dogs name) then Maddie (who is my aunts dogs name) she finally decided on Zoey!!! We love this little puppy so much and can't wait for the fun she brings to our daily busy life!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girly Girl

Peyton is such a girly girl. She loves anything to do with babies, dress up, make-up, cooking, cleaning, and pretty much anything else that is girly!!! Today when we got home from running errands I caught Peyton in the bathroom trying on every piece of hair thing she owns. She asked me " Mom I look pretty?" Yes she looked very pretty!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wii Fit

I just wanted to share with everyone that I am now a proud owner of Wii Fit!!! I have been wanting this for some time. Did you know how hard it was to find?? I would call around to stores looking for one and today my calling paid off. It was the only one that got shipped to them today and the only one for weeks. If you don't know much about the wii fit you should definitely look into it. Buying this instead of buying a gym membership is going to save me tons of money, and I can do it in my house whenever I want! I love it because it tracks your progress, figures out your BMI, and it helps you set goals you can achieve!! I am trying to lose 20 pounds by October!! I think if I truly work hard and have fun I will be able to achieve my goal!! I will have to keep everyone posted on how things are going.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun with Mom

With today being my day off (Wednesdays) Peyton and I decided to have a fun day together. We started our day by sleeping in and then having breakfast!! We then decided to put on our swim suits and head outside. We spent most of the morning just hanging out in the backyard. Peyton did some swimming/playing in her pool and I sat by the pool reading my book!! After awhile it was already time to have lunch. We decided to have a little picnic on the grass. After that we thought it would be fun to paint our toes!! We hung out a little more in the sun and then decided it was time for a nap. Yes even I laid down and took a nap!! It feels great to do that every once and awhile. After we woke Peyton really wanted some milk. We didn't have any and so we got out the stroller and walked to Albertsons!! What a fun and tiring day. I know Peyton is going to sleep well tonight!!

Peyton loves getting her toes painted

So cute!

Being outside this long can result to this.......even with all the coats of 50SPF this can still happen. Poor girl!!

Swimming Pool

Peyton's new favorite thing to do is go swimming. She loves to be outside and has always been an outside kinda of girl. While in Twin last weekend she did some swimming with her cousin and had so much fun. On Saturday before my parents headed home they thought it would be fun for her to have a pool. We had been looking for one since that Thursday and hadn't found one I think because the weather has been so nice and everyone wanted a pool. We ended up finding one and it's awesome!! Peyton loves it and I can't even tell you how many hours she has already spent in it.....TONS!!! Thanks mom and dad for getting her such a fun summer pool!!

This is the first day we put it up!! She was so excited she didn't even want to put her whole swim suit on

Here she is cooling off with a little drink from the pool

4th of July

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I know I am late at posting but with a 2 uear old and working full time I never feel like I have a free minute. We had a pretty good 4th. Peyton and I got to spend it wil my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my grandma Tegan!! Joel was suppose to meet us for a fun weekend but he was deathly ill and couldn't make it. Here are some fun pictures of a fun weekend.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Peyton loves swinging so much. Joel and I are thinking about getting a swing set if they weren't too spendy. I have been checking craigslist often because sometimes you can find such great deals on there. At my brothers house, Tyson, he has this swing that hangs from a tree. It reminds me of something I had done when I was little. Peyton loved it so much and had a ton of fun. I took a few pictures of her on the swing and they turned out pretty cute!!

Cousin Time

Over the last few weeks Peyton has got to spend a lot of time with her cousins. Peyton and Faith, my sisters daughter, have had a lot of fun times together! They may not always get along and fight from time to time but they love each other so much and had a lot of fun together!! Here are a few pics I took over the last few weeks!