Saturday, August 18, 2007

Canyon Trails

Today after Joel, Peyton, and I were sitting around bored we decided to go to the trails over by the visitor center. The trail is called Canyon Trail. It was perfect weather, 86 degrees with a 15mph wind!! So it was so nice with a slight breeze.

We had a lot of fun. There is the famous canyon here in Twin Falls were Evil Knievel tried to jump across. And the Perrine Bridge that is here where people jump off it! Today we actually got to see some people jump. What a rush that must be for them. I don't think I could ever do that.

We'll we all had fun on your little walk to the canyon. It was great to get out and get some sun as well as exercise!

XM Radio

When you bought our car back in March it came with XM radio. Now if you have never heard XM radio you are missing out! We got 3 months for free and loved every minute of it when we were riding around in the car. After our 3 free months were up Joel didn't want to pay for it, he can be so cheap sometimes, and I have been missing it.

Well my friend was telling me about how bored she gets at work and she logs into AOL music and can listen to XM for FREE. Yeah you heard me right FREE!!! All you have to do is go here and click on the listen now button.

It has some great music. My favorite ones are top 20 on 20, Highway 16, The Blend, and 90's Pop!! If you are bored or just wanting to listen to some great music check it out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today was such a wonderful day. Three years ago today was Friday the 13th of August. Most people are scared of such a day being Friday the 13th and all but I read somewhere that things that happen on such a day last FOREVER!!

Well I know it hasn't been forever but it has been 3 years of marriage for Joel and I. I just wanted to share with everyone all the wonderful things about Joel and all the crazy things that have happened in the last three years of marriage.

Some of my favorite things about Joel are as follow:

  • He is a wonderful daddy

  • A very dedicated and hard worker

  • An expert when it comes to video games

  • Has a great sense of humor and that gets better with time

  • Loving husband who puts up with ME

  • Very smart

  • Very neat and tidy

  • And my most favorite is that he is all MINE

Some of the things that have happened in the last 3 years

  • We have moved a total of 4 times

  • Have bought a condo

  • Sold a condo in 3 days

  • Moved out of state

  • Had a beautiful daughter

  • Joel graduated from college

  • Joel got a great job with Enterprise

  • Tegan started back to school

  • Tegan had her tonsils out

  • Bought a brand new 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

So many things have changed and I know only more things will change in the future. I just want Joel to know how much I love and appreciate him for all he does from me. I love him more and more everyday. Even though we might not always agree on everything and there are times we fight I think it's only natural!! I LOVE YOU JOEL AND CAN'T WAIT TO CONTINUE OUR LIVES TOGETHER!!

P.S. I wanted to share this cute poster that I made for Joel. He hates it when we buy each other stuff for occasions. So I thought I would do something small and cute that he might laugh at!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This last Thursday Joel got a call from the manager in Logan saying he needed help on Friday and was seeing if Joel would be willing to come and work at the Logan branch. Joel and I decided it would be great to all go so that we could see family!!

On Friday Becky, Emma, Peyton, and I all went to the Gateway Mall!! We had a lot of fun spending time together. Becky wanted to take Peyton to the build-a-bear workshop so she could get her very own bear. It was the end of the day so Peyton was very tired, but we will wanted to make a cute bear!!

Peyton got a cute cream colored bear and a very cute outfit for her bear. We all decided on naming the bear Bella!! Peyton absolutely LOVES this bear and has taken it with her everywhere. Even last night when we got home it went to bed with her!! The experience was wonderful and I think Peyton really enjoyed it. The sad part is we took pictures of the whole experience but Becky's camera is acting funny and we can't find them on her camera. But let me assure you that there will be plenty of pictures of Peyton and Bella in the future!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton

It seems like Peyton had a lot of fun this past weekend as well. She even had a great sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa Conger. She even got to sleep in bed with Grandma while Grandpa slept in Aunt Emma's bed!!

Also while we were in town we spend a day with Nicole and Chayse. It was so much fun. The kids spend some time playing on the toys and had a great time!!

It was a long weekend for all of us!! And it was well worth it as well as needed. We always love seeing family and spending time with them!! We even got to see Nate and Tonia!! And we got to stay with Ryan and Holly. Peyton loved playing with Violet and Lydia!!

We left Sunday morning to head back home. While in the car Peyton kept whining for something. Come to find out she wanted my magazine that I was reading. So I decided to give it to her to look at. She looked at that thing for a long time. I guess she like to read up on all the stars as much as her mommy does!!

Sherwood Hills

Well this last weekend Joel and I spent a fun and romantic getaway up at Sherwood Hills. We had a lot of fun and it was a nice treat to have a night to ourselves without Peyton.

Joel and I had been to Sherwood about two years ago for our anniversary. It was fun that time too. If you ever feel you need to get away and just don't know where to go you should definitely check this place out. And they always have great specials as well!!