Saturday, August 18, 2007

XM Radio

When you bought our car back in March it came with XM radio. Now if you have never heard XM radio you are missing out! We got 3 months for free and loved every minute of it when we were riding around in the car. After our 3 free months were up Joel didn't want to pay for it, he can be so cheap sometimes, and I have been missing it.

Well my friend was telling me about how bored she gets at work and she logs into AOL music and can listen to XM for FREE. Yeah you heard me right FREE!!! All you have to do is go here and click on the listen now button.

It has some great music. My favorite ones are top 20 on 20, Highway 16, The Blend, and 90's Pop!! If you are bored or just wanting to listen to some great music check it out.

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