Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today was such a wonderful day. Three years ago today was Friday the 13th of August. Most people are scared of such a day being Friday the 13th and all but I read somewhere that things that happen on such a day last FOREVER!!

Well I know it hasn't been forever but it has been 3 years of marriage for Joel and I. I just wanted to share with everyone all the wonderful things about Joel and all the crazy things that have happened in the last three years of marriage.

Some of my favorite things about Joel are as follow:

  • He is a wonderful daddy

  • A very dedicated and hard worker

  • An expert when it comes to video games

  • Has a great sense of humor and that gets better with time

  • Loving husband who puts up with ME

  • Very smart

  • Very neat and tidy

  • And my most favorite is that he is all MINE

Some of the things that have happened in the last 3 years

  • We have moved a total of 4 times

  • Have bought a condo

  • Sold a condo in 3 days

  • Moved out of state

  • Had a beautiful daughter

  • Joel graduated from college

  • Joel got a great job with Enterprise

  • Tegan started back to school

  • Tegan had her tonsils out

  • Bought a brand new 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

So many things have changed and I know only more things will change in the future. I just want Joel to know how much I love and appreciate him for all he does from me. I love him more and more everyday. Even though we might not always agree on everything and there are times we fight I think it's only natural!! I LOVE YOU JOEL AND CAN'T WAIT TO CONTINUE OUR LIVES TOGETHER!!

P.S. I wanted to share this cute poster that I made for Joel. He hates it when we buy each other stuff for occasions. So I thought I would do something small and cute that he might laugh at!!

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