Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back Home!

The first picture of course is Peyton's famous lunch time special of ranch dressing all over her and everything else in sight!

Let my start off by apologizing because this is going to be a long post cuz of all the pictures! But hopefully you will find much enjoyment in reading and looking at pictures of our fun trip to Washington to see Grandma and Grandpa Powell!!

We had so much fun. We spent at lot of time just at home hanging out and playing but we did go to the zoo one day and had a blast!! So here the pictures I took while up there!

Peyton was a little nervous about the bunny. She really didn't want to touch it.

I think she liked seeing all the animals at the family farm

She had to keep an eye on all the animals

Petting the animals at the family farm

Grandma trying to get me to hurry up!

She loved riding on the horse. Especially when it was going up and down!

Getting ready to take a ride on the carousel

Getting a good look at the monkeys! She was so funny when she was looking at them. She was talking to them like they were going to respond to her!

Looking at the giraffes with daddy

Just siting back in the wagon having a drink with my cool shades on!

Hanging out with Grandpa!

Needless to say we all had a fun time in Washington. But at the same time it feels so good to be back at home where we can get our life's back in order!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here I come Seattle

How beautiful does that look?? Every time I fly to Seattle I can start to see the city I get this excitement in my stomach and this calm feeling all at the same time!! This is when I truly feel like I am home.

Going to Seattle for me is always such a treat. I am so flabbergasted that I get to spend a whole 10 days in this beautiful place and it's a huge bonus that I get to see my family!!

The whole reason for us going up to Seattle is for my little brothers graduation. I can't believe he is almost done with high school. It really does seem like just the other day when I found out my mom was having another baby!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Toes in the Sand

Well as most you of you know we went to Bear Lake for memorial weekend. We had so so much fun and we are so glad we decided to go last minute. On the last day there we all decided to go down to the Lake. It was very cold that day. Peyton loves more than anything to be right in the water. She didn't care that it was only the low 60's. She was ready to dive in!! I took some pictures of her down by the water! They are pretty cute so I had to share!