Thursday, March 26, 2009


Look how beautiful these flowers are! They remind me of my wedding flowers, bright, colorful, and my favorite Gerber Daisies!!! My work sent these to me as a little get well from my surgery. They brightened up my kitchen and it makes me feel like spring is in the air!! Thank you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The other morning as Joel and I were in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast and getting our things ready to head out the door for work while listening to the news that was on the tv in our living room. The news was talking about the plane crash in Butte where 17 people had died. I wasn't really listening to it fully because I was trying to hurry so I could run out the door and not be late to work. About 5 mins of the tv being on Peyton came running into the kitchen and this was our conversation........

Peyton: Mommy I'm so very sad.

Mommy: Why are you so very sad?

Peyton: There was a plane crash and it ran into the ground and there was a big fire and there were little kids on the plane, and mommy they died.

As Peyton was telling me this I hadn't realized she was watching the news let alone taking in all the information they were broadcasting. While she told me I could tell her little heart was hurting and that she was truly sad that these people/children had died. In that moment it made me realize how smart little kids are and how much things effect them. I don't think I want Peyton watching the news anymore because of this experience because it hit her hard and she talked about it the whole way to daycare almost with tears in her eyes and sadness in her voice.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terrible 3's......

Okay so I thought that age 2 was bad with Peyton.......but age 3 is SO SO much worse. Do you ever look at your cute innocent looking child and wonder how they are such a terror?? I do this everyday when Peyton wakes up in the morning and comes in to where I am and is so sweet and says"Good Morning Mommy, I love you!" Then the hell breaks through the rest of the day.

It seems to me like in the last few weeks Peyton has really been testing Joel and I. I don't know if it's because Joel is back and she thinks she can get away with stuff. All I know is she is really testing us!! We hope this time will pass.

Quick update on Bella.....I just have to say she is the best little puppy ever. She hasn't had any accidents in our house for over a week. She hardly ever barks and sleeps in her crate all night long. She's a sweet little thing and wants to be around us and cuddle with us all day long. We hope she continues to be good because we don't know if we could handle two naughty girls in our house!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yes, We Did it Again!

That almost sounds like a Brittney Spears song title, but that is not what it is! What we did again was get a dog. Okay I know what most people are thinking after what we went through with Zoey.......But this time around I really looked into different breeds and read up on them and what one would suit our family more! I was debating from a Shih Tzu, Maltese, or a Yorkie. And I wanted a pure breed. So after about 2 months of researching and deciding we went with a Yorkie.

Meet our newest addition to the family.........

Her name is Bella! We got her yesterday and just love her so much already. She ended up sleeping with us last night and I was amazed at how well she did. She slept between Joel and I on her back with her paws up. It was so cute and funny to see her like that. She is still adjusting to us and to Peyton. We are excited to have her and know she will have a forever home here!