Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tough Girl

Peyton is probably one of the toughest little girls I know. We survived the night last night although it was long and rough not only on Peyton but on mom too. Peyton fell asleep on the couch while watching Sleeping Beauty. I didn't want to move her to transport her to her bed and I didn't want her to sleep out there alone in case she needed me in the night. So I slept on my ottoman........let me tell you have comfy that was!!!

Last night she did well for sleeping. She did wake in the night but she didn't scream out of pain except one time when I woke and saw her bad arm high in the air. She was half asleep and didn't know what she was doing. She did wake nice and early this morning to watch Sleeping Beauty. After a warm bath, clean jammies, food in her tummy, and some medicine she is a happy camper. I asked her if I could take a picture of her to show every one her shoulder and she couldn't wait to say cheese!!!

I will keep you posted and let you all know how she is doing. We meet with the specialist next Monday, Tuesday by the latest to make sure she doesn't have to put out to have her collarbone set. Cross your fingers that we don't' have to go that route.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More Trauma

Yes once again trauma has struck our family........Today I got a call from Peyton's daycare teacher Jodie. She sounded calm when she called and I didn't think much about the call till she started talking me to about Peyton and what had happened. While Peyton was suppose to be napping she decided it was time to play instead of sleep. When Jodie heard noises coming from the playroom where other children where sleeping she went to peek in to see who wasn't sleeping. Sure enough it was my child!!! As soon as Peyton noticed Jodie, Peyton knew she was being naughty and was suppose to be sleeping, so she ran to her sleep mat. Well Peyton slipped and fell on her mat. She landed right on her right shoulder. I wasn't there to witness it and honestly I am glad I wasn't. From the sounds of it Peyton was screaming and crying. Peyton is a tough kid when it comes to getting bumped up or any other little fall or scratches. Well to make a long story short I showed up to Peyton's daycare and called Joel to have him meet me at the Doc in the box. After almost 3 hours of being there and 3 x-rays later they told us SHE BROKE HER COLLARBONE. I really wasn't surprised because of how much pain she seemed to be in. All in all she is doing fine and I think she will recover fast. I will post a couple of pictures tomorrow of her cute sling which is Snoopy!! That is if she lets me......I have never seen her so cranky to me or Joel before!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jelly Bean Trauma

Peyton had her experience of stuffing something into her nose. A few nights ago she stuffed a jelly bean in her nose. I thought for sure we were going to have to take her to the ER. After working on it for what seemed like forever she finally shot it out with a strong blowing action!!! It was scary but pretty funny at the same time. That's Peyton for you never knowing what she will do next, lets hope she learned her lesson this time!!

It's Official!

Yes you read my title you may be asking yourself what's official. Joel is now the newest employee for Geico. We have been waiting patiently for the answer that he got the job. Even though Joel had great confidence the is always that chance they might go with someone else. Joel's starting date for his new job is December 8th. There are pros and cons to all jobs and the first and biggest con to his new job is that he leaves Peyton and I on December 7th for almost 4 months for major training in AZ.......YIKES!!! I ask myself how am I going to do it without him, I still don't have the answer to that one but I'm just hoping the time will fly by fast. He still isn't sure what his plans are for Christmas since they haven't really told him. He has heard 3 different stories #1 you get a week off to fly home, #2 you get to fly home Christmas Eve night and fly back to AZ Christmas night, #3 you get to stay at training in AZ while your family enjoys Christmas without you! I am really hoping for the first one. I will keep you posted.

Joel is so excited for his new job and can't wait to get started. He just wishes he could start sooner.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time w/Bobba!!

We got the pleasure of having my dad stay the night with us a few nights ago. He was just headed home from a hunting trip and wanted to have a little relaxing before he took the 9 hour drive home. We enjoyed so much having my dad here just hanging out!!! Peyton got her first look at a dead deer.......she was pretty amazed by it.

Here is Peyton and her Bobba showing off the deer he shot

The morning before he left Peyton wanted my dad to read a story. Peyton loves hearing stories. I thought this was too cute of them not to post. They both had there camo on!!!

Even though my dad couldn't stay every long we had lots of we wish you were there!! Thanks for the fun time dad and making memories for Peyton of her and her Bobba.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Jinxing!!

I had to fill everyone in on the great news!!! But like my title says I hope this doesn't jinx things. Peyton has been wearing panties since Friday with NO ACCIDENTS!!!!! I think she finally 'Gets It!" Saturday while we were out and about all day long Peyton got to experience all the public restrooms. She was so good and kept telling me she had to go potty. Way to go Peyton!

Poor Peyton

Peyton has gotten it........the sickness that is going around. She has been fighting it for the past 5 days and after a long night last night of her coughing and her saying that her ears hurt I decided to take her in to the Doc in the box!! She was so good while there at the doctors office. She loved being there!! After a long time at the doctors he wrote us up some RX's and sent us on our way. I am now at home with a sick child feeling bored!!!!!