Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun Week Ends with Sickness

So after Peyton's crazy birthday week/weekend she woke up that Monday morning coughing and snotty.  The poor girl was so sick and couldn't even go to daycare that day.  Joel stayed home with her as I went to work and my parents loaded up there stuff and left that morning as well.  It was a sad day for Peyton as she had to stay home with dad and everyone else left her.  The next two days I was home with her as I don't work Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  On Wednesday morning Peyton woke up still not feeling well and asked me to make her a special get better breakfast.  This is what she wanted!

Pink French Toast
and Pink Milk!

Of course she wanted pink french toast and pink milk!  After she ate two pieces of the pink french toast  and drank her pink milk I asked if that made her feel better.  She said no that she was still really sick and that the only thing was that her tummy was really full!  Im hoping she can get better soon.  She still has the sickness and has had it for a week now.  

Peyton's Birthday Party

So even after Peyton's big special day she had an awesome birthday party that Saturday following her birthday.  Her party was at Monkey Business.  It's probably one of the coolest places to have a birthday party.  She had tons of friends there.  I think there was a total of about 14 kids.  My parents drove here from Washington, and my sister and her two youngest kids flew here for it.  Peyton has so many people that love her and wanted to share her party with her.

So this Monkey Business place does it all.  They were so organized which if you know me thats a huge plus to anything.  The kids got to play around in the jungle area.  They had a rock climbing wall, a huge blow up slide, a blow up obstacle course, and climb house, and a kiddie area for the little ones.  There was so much fun stuff to do.  Even the adults got very involved as all the toys are made for adults and they look to fun not to play on them.  Here are a few pictures of her fun party!
Peyton and her cousin Faith

Joel having fun with the kids

Peyton wasn't too sure about this climbing thing

One thirsty girl after all that playing

Blowing out her candles

Can't stop drinking

Yummy cake

Thank you to everyone who made Peyton's birthday one of the best!  We love you all so much!

Peyton The Big 4 Year Old!

Where does the time go?  I feel like just the other day we were traveling home from the hospital trying to make it home in one piece because there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground and every car around us was making me nervous.  All I wanted to do was get our new baby girl home safe!  Now here we are four years later and still the biggest part of my life.  She is the funniest little thing full of life, the most sassiest, full of attitude, and always too much energy.  But without all of that life would suck, lets just be honest kids make the world turn and make moms hair eventually turn gray!

So for Peyton's actually birthday we spend the day having a Peyton day.  Anything she wanted to do was what we did.  Although I did have one surprise for her.  We started the day off with a normal morning and breakfast and people who love her calling her to wish her happy birthday.  We got ready and I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch.  So we ate lunch at Quiznos.  Peyton was dying for some soup from there.  Silly girl, most kids would want to go to McDonalds or Burger King but my health freak little sass wanted soup........after lunch we went to the cupcake store and she got to pick out some cupcakes for her special day.  Eight cupcakes and $26.89 later I then realized that cupcake store was a HUGE rip off.

The next part of our day consisted of my surprise for the little diva.  She kept asking me where I was talking her and what my big surprise was.  The little stink said at one point "I hope it's really cool mom and not lame!"  Seriously did she just say that I thought?  Of course it's cool Peyton does mom ever do anything lame?  The answer to that would be NO!

Okay so we finally make it to our place of fun and Peyton was sooo excited to enter in not even knowing what it was that we where there to do.  I took Peyton to a place called Monkey Dooz.  It's a kids salon where they can have basically any treatment an adult would do or want.  So Peyton spent the afternoon getting a manicure and a pedicure.  Then she got her hair all done with lots of curls and glitter. And the finally touch was glitter make-up.  She was one sparkly girl and loved all the shine.  Plus the whole time she was there she had this huge fruity drink with tons of whip cream on it.  She kept telling me she was the princess and that it was her day!  She was so correct on all of that.  Here are some of the pictures from her Monkey Dooz experience.

After we were finished up there we went home and waited for dad and uncle Taylor to get there because then we were headed to dinner.  Peyton chose to go to On the Border.  She loves mexican food and loves there chips and queso.  At dinner I asked the lady to sing happy birthday to Peyton and the lady said they no longer do that anymore.  So instead they bought Peyton a big brownie with ice-cream.  I pretty sure she ate the whole thing.  Her dad tried to help her and little miss thing said "it's mine and my birthday and you can't have any!"  

We then headed home where we sang happy birthday I think she ate a cupcake and opened her presents.  She got tons of awesome stuff.  She told me it was the best birthday day ever!  I think it was successful as well.