Sunday, February 28, 2010

Peyton's Birthday Party

So even after Peyton's big special day she had an awesome birthday party that Saturday following her birthday.  Her party was at Monkey Business.  It's probably one of the coolest places to have a birthday party.  She had tons of friends there.  I think there was a total of about 14 kids.  My parents drove here from Washington, and my sister and her two youngest kids flew here for it.  Peyton has so many people that love her and wanted to share her party with her.

So this Monkey Business place does it all.  They were so organized which if you know me thats a huge plus to anything.  The kids got to play around in the jungle area.  They had a rock climbing wall, a huge blow up slide, a blow up obstacle course, and climb house, and a kiddie area for the little ones.  There was so much fun stuff to do.  Even the adults got very involved as all the toys are made for adults and they look to fun not to play on them.  Here are a few pictures of her fun party!
Peyton and her cousin Faith

Joel having fun with the kids

Peyton wasn't too sure about this climbing thing

One thirsty girl after all that playing

Blowing out her candles

Can't stop drinking

Yummy cake

Thank you to everyone who made Peyton's birthday one of the best!  We love you all so much!


jodie333 said...

WE had so much fun I think tha that my kids slep for like a day!! We had so much fun thanks so much!! I see them like zombies in the back ground!! how does she like the tinkerbell comp thing! We think it is kida hard, what do you think! HAPPY BDAY PEYTON!!!

Tegan said...

It's fun! We are still trying to figure it out.....hahah I feel so dumb that I can't.