Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bella Boo

She is the cutest little thing......and the best little dog ever!!!! Except today at the park she thought she could take on a boxer dog! It was so funny because the boxer could have eaten her in one bit.

Final Product

Peyton's cute hair that she can't keep talking about!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy The Babysitter

This is usually what I come home to when Joel is easy would that be?? Also do you like how my daughter sleeps with her eyes half open??

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday Peyton went to the dentist.......I know what your thinking......that's easy!! Well Peyton didn't go for a cleaning. She had a cleaning about 2 weeks ago where they discovered she has 6 cavities. This was so devastating for me because I'm so great about brushing her teeth and doing fluoride. But the sugar bugs still found her.

Yesterday she had her first appointment to do some fillings. Dr. Yun and I both didn't know how she would do. Surprisingly enough she did great!!!! Dr. Yun was SO shocked as well as I was. Peyton had to get a shot and 2 cavities filled yesterday and she didn't move the whole time they were doing them. She got an A+++++ plus a toy, and some ice-cream after!!! She goes back in another couple weeks to do some more. Lets just hope she's as good then as she was yesterday.


I don't think many people know but Peyton started a new daycare about 2 weeks ago. We were really sad to have to do this. Our other daycare provider was moving too far away for us to continue to take her there. After stressing about it long enough a lady that I work with told me her daughter-n-law does daycare. I was excited to meet her and see how Peyton acted with her and the other kids. The first day I thought she would be scared and not want us to leave her. She was so excited to go there and couldn't wait for us to leave. I guess that's a good sign right??

I thought I would post a couple of fun pics that Jessica took of her while on a little field trip to the YMCA......

haha this was before her haircut!!!

Peyton and her new cute friend Kaylie!!!

Im just so glad that Peyton adjusted so well to the new daycare. I know change can be good but hard on little ones. Im so glad that I found her!!!

Hair Cut Time

So last week when Nicole was here Bella went and got a hair cut. After picking her up Peyton was begging to go get her hair cut. After all morning of her begging I decided to give-in and let her get it done. Peyton had so much fun and was so excited to get it done. Here are a few snap shots of the process......

Washing her hair.....

Sge held so still and didn't move once.......I need to post a final photo of her cute hair. The lady did an A-Line with layers. It looks really cute when it's all done!

Girl Time!

So last week my bestie came to visit!!!! We had tons of fun and had a girls night EVERY single night she was here. We went out to dinner a few times and to a movie. We also had a girls night in at my house on Saturday and had a bunch of girls over!!! Every time Nicole and I hang out we always have tons of fun. I just wish she lived closer. The last night she was here we went to The Melting Pot and ate so much yummy food!!!! Thanks for the great time bestie!!!


Okay so I figure it was time to finally blog about Easter. We have been so so busy I haven't even had time to upload the pics from that weekend.
Friday night we dyed Easter eggs. My Aunt and Uncle had a ton of fun. They said it had been about 30 years since they had done that!

The Easter Bunny found Peyton!!! But Peyton struggled to find her basket!

Peyton LOVED finding the eggs. Uncle Jim did a great job at hiding them.

Bella was a big help in finding the eggs!

Some of the eggs Jim had to help because he was such a good hider.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bird Nest

Today while at work I was talking with one of my fiends and she told me this great idea that she got from one of her patients. So I decided it would be fun and Peyton and I made these cute little things for Easter to give out! They were pretty easy!

These little nest are made out of rice krispies and then just sprinkle green on them

Just add some robin eggs and a chick on top!

The final product!! They turned out pretty cute!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I had to share this funny video of my little brother Taylor and his roommate Austin. When these two are together they are so hilarious and are SO much alike. They make great roommates!!! Austin has been teaching Taylor to play his guitar a lot better and they have been writing songs together too. This song is actually one of Taylor Swifts. These two make me laugh so hard when they are around but they acutally sound like of good together.......enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sick Again....

Yes, Peyton is once again stuffed up, cranky, fevered, snotty, goopy eyes, red face, whinny, and the list goes on..........And she's passing it to us. This is how she spends most days........