Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday Peyton went to the dentist.......I know what your thinking......that's easy!! Well Peyton didn't go for a cleaning. She had a cleaning about 2 weeks ago where they discovered she has 6 cavities. This was so devastating for me because I'm so great about brushing her teeth and doing fluoride. But the sugar bugs still found her.

Yesterday she had her first appointment to do some fillings. Dr. Yun and I both didn't know how she would do. Surprisingly enough she did great!!!! Dr. Yun was SO shocked as well as I was. Peyton had to get a shot and 2 cavities filled yesterday and she didn't move the whole time they were doing them. She got an A+++++ plus a toy, and some ice-cream after!!! She goes back in another couple weeks to do some more. Lets just hope she's as good then as she was yesterday.

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Holly said...

Wow! Good job Peyton! I just took my girls in for a check-up, and although no cavities, they did find interesting things in their X-rays. Lydia is missing one of her permanent molars, and one of Violet's permanent front top teeth will come in almost completely sideways! I guess we better start saving now for braces and bridges!