Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Always a Grand Conversation

Over the past few days Peyton has been killing me with her question/comments or anything out of her mouth.  Here is some of her random thoughts, questions, and comments.

Peyton (in the bathroom screaming): "Mom I threw up in my underwear!"

Me:  "What do you mean you threw up in your underwear?"

Peyton: "Mom just come and see it!"

Me: "Alright I'm coming."

Looking at her underwear she is holding and it's clearly road rash, skid marks, poop in her underwear what ever you want to call it.  So I say

"Peyton that is not throw up that is poop from not wiping your butt good enough."  Plus you can't throw up in your underwear when your wearing them!"

Peyton: "Mom I didn't say I threw up, my butt threw up in them!"

Where does she come up with that at?!

While showering with my sweet daughter she asks me this............

Peyton: "Mom does your boobie have an ouchie?" (pointing to my areola)

Me: "No Peyton that is just part of the boobie."

Peyton: "Mom when will I have huge boobies like you?"

Me: "When you are older honey."

Peyton: "Older like when I am five?!" (seriously this kid can't wait till she turns 5 because she knows she gets to start school and ride a bus and she talks about turning 5 and every time I say when your older she thinks 5 is the magic number.)

Me: "No Peyton when you are much older like a mommy older."

Peyton: "Oh, okay as long as I have huge boobies like you!"

A few weeks ago the elders in our ward came over to introduce themselves and invite us to church.  While sitting and visit with them for about 20 mins we were just finishing up our visit with them when my sweet child came running in and sat right in front of them.  She raised her hand and pointed to the sky with her pointer and blurts out "THEY DRINK COFFEE!"  I probably turned 5 shades red and started laughing.  I didn't turn red because they now know I drink coffee, kinda hard to hide when you have a coffee pot on your counter.  I turned red because I can't believe my daughter randomly said that to someone in our house and the fact that she knew it was a bad thing to do and go to church??  Im sure it's because my mom has told Peyton soooo many times not to let me drink coffee because it's not good! Thanks mom!!

When we first moved into our house we had a serious problem with birds on our house and pecking at our house.  Every night Joel would go out and hunt for birds and shoot them and every night he would come in and say "those damn birds are at it again."  After a few weeks with the birds I was getting Peyton into my car and she noticed bird poop on my car.  She asked me what it was and I told her it was bird poop.  Her lovely response to that was "THOSE DAMN BIRDS!"  Oops we need to watch what we say because she is constantly soaking in what we say.

On Valentines day Peyton killed me with this one.  Joel was opening up his present from me and one of the funny things I got him was red velvet handcuffs.  As soon as he pulled those babys out Peyton saysBow-Chicka-Bow-Wow!"

Questions Peyton has asked me in the past month:

  • "Did you buy this house for 40 bucks?"
  • "Mom do you have butt hair?"
  • "Can you buy me a laptop like yours?"
  • "Will you please buy this movie for me, it's only 40 bucks!"
  • "Mom why are some people's house sooo messy and ours is always clean?"
  • "Can I please live at Nana's house?"
  • "Will you trade Bella for a new dog?"
  • "Why are you mad at daddy? Is it because he's playing his game again?"

Peyton makes my life so enjoyable and entertaining!! 


Mousy said...

What a shitty story.. I mean GEEZ !

( ^ ^ )*

Sandra Powell said...

Tegan, I can't remember when I've laughed out loud so much. Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

oh she makes me laugh! I love her!

dayna said...

hilarious! laughed out loud at each story. thanks for sharing!:)

jodie333 said...

AWWW She is so dang cute! We miss her! Oh enjoy it now because the cuteness fades! I Miss when maycie used to say funny things like that! She in one way or another asked the same questions and made the same comments! She told my inlaws that "Mommy has a hairy booby." We call her yaknow a booby ya and that was the last time she showerd with me! She also couldn't wait to turn 5 and ride the bus. Now she cant wait to turn 18! We need to go hang out!! SOO BAD!!