Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Day We Have Been Waiting for!

Yes that day we have been waiting for has finally come!  The day we signed our life away on a house.  Not just any house, but an incredible beautiful house that is brand new (even though it's 5 years old, nobody has lived in it yet!) We have been dealing with this house and waiting to sign on it since Sep 4th.  Luckily we got to move in early and live here while we traveled the long road of hell to get to the signing part.  We signed yesterday in the a.m. and by the afternoon it was recorded and officially ours!

Over the past few months of living here we have spent so much time and money on this dang house that if something were to go wrong and we didn't close on this house it would have been awful.  We are so glad to be able to buy our first home.  Yes, we have bought before when we lived in Logan and bought a condo/townhouse thing but really that's not a house or even close.  When you buy your first house it's so much different then a condo/townhouse because you actually own the whole building.  When you buy a condo/townhouse you own a section.  Which is just gay!!    Yesterday after we signed it was probably one of the happiest days of my life.  Not to mention when we walked out of the title company I felt like a huge relief was just lifted off of me!  THANK THE LORD!!

Also I better add a few pictures for my mom who is dying to see our new entertainment center.  We finally found something that we loved for our living room.  We needed to add something to it because it is such a big room that it looked so empty.  It's not complete done yet (yes mom I will be adding some greenery to it and some other fun stuff on top!)  Which means I am headed to Grapels today!!  To shop for me and my mom who loves the store as much as I do.  Plus I get to venture out in the snow that fell last night!  Hope everyone has a great weekend because I know I will!!  Oh and it's girls night out for me and my two besties which means a good dinner and a fun new chick flick that I am dying to see!!  YAY FOR WEEKENDS!


Sandra Powell said...

Yeah! Congratulations on being home owners. Your living room looks great.

jodie333 said...

CONGRATS!!! That is so great! You have spent so much time on that house! YAHOO For YOU!!!