Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Comet and a New Vacuum

So with that person gone that I was talking about in my earlier post, these last couple weeks have been a trial for me. Peyton really knows how to push my buttons and by that I mean ALL of my buttons. She has really been testing me lately thinking she will get away with more things. I feel like all I have been doing lately is yelling at her to stop that, knock that off, please listen to me, and the list goes on and on and on!!

I know this time with Peyton one on one has been good and will be good for both of us, if we can just continue to not totally drive each other crazy. So the whole reason why my post title says Comet and a New Vacuum is because of this.......

On Saturday I was doing a little cleaning around my house and Peyton wanted to help. When she wants to help I just give her a damp cloth and tell her to go wipe down her room. Well this last time Peyton thought she was being extra helpful.

When ever I clean and vacuum I usually use that carpet odor know the stuff that looks like baby powder. Apparently Peyton found the comet and thought it was my carpet stuff. She went around the living room and hall way dumping that stuff EVERYWHERE. When I came out of my room to check on her she had already used the whole, almost full can, of comet. All I could do was scream. My first thought was it would bleach my carpet if I didn't get it off immediately. I hurried and vacuumed the huge mess almost choking to death from the comet dust. After it was cleaned up I went to vacuum my bedroom and noticed that my vacuum was no longer sucking anything up and only shooting out comet dust. I decided to take the whole vacuum apart and clean it thinking that this would help. Today I went to vacuum up a mess Peyton had created on my floor. The vacuum didn't work again. After looking at it I knew we would have to get a new one. So off to Target we went. The thing that makes me the maddest is that the old vacuum we had wasn't even old......we bought it about 10 months ago :( I hope this new one can handle all of Peyton's messes!


Rob and Juliann said...

Oh Tegan, I'm sorry. You are doing a great job and you will get through this. 3 year old girls make life a little more exciting than we wish sometimes. And I'm sorry about your new old vacuum. We just had to replace our 3 year old dishwasher. Grrr.

Our Family of Four said...

ooo i love new vacuums..u should secretly be thanking peyton. it was an excuse to get a new one! haha!

Grandma B said...

Hi Tegan....hope you are printing off some of the posts you are making...they are "keepers" for the future. Some day you will look back and say to yourself "oh my, I remember when....."

Hope your new vacuum is working alright now.

Grandpa and I are hanging in there. We had our first real snow storm, so the ground is white and it feels like Christmas. The colder weather tends to keep us indoors but that is alright. Now I can settle down and do some long-overdue scrape booking again. Please check my blog O.K.

I have to tell you something really you know what the word verification is today on your blog......HYPER How fitting for the situation. Tee Hee


Rebecca said...

Oh Tegan! I so know how you are feeling (I think!). For many of the early years of our marriage, my husband was traveling during the week, only home on weekends. So, there I was, with three darlings to care for (four, for a few months...). I well remember feeling completely overwhelmed, and the boys locked in the room incident (had to kick the door down); the several trips to the hospital to get stitches; chicken pox (all four); the oatmeal and oil mixed all over the floor incident; diapers flushed in the toilet incidents! ; trying to sell two homes... etc. somehow, this, too, will pass. Remember we all love you and are praying for you! B

The Englanders said...

Oh my! That is a story that will stay with you forever! That is hilarious! What kind of Vacuum did you buy? The Dyson is the best vacuum ever! She is worth every penny. I went through 2 Dirt Devils, 1 Eureka in 1.5yrs! Finally I splurged and got the Dyson, amazing!