Thursday, December 20, 2007

Peyton in Washington

See I told you I would be back to post some pictures. I wanted to start with my Washington ones. Now I didn't take very many put I did at least want to share some of the fun things Peyton did!! Peyton got to eat by candle light every night!! She loved it and could hardly wait for her Nana to get it for her and put it on her highchair!!
My parents have a Homer that sings music and says funny Homer sayings!! It's great but Peyton was so scared of it. I asked her to go stand by Homer so I could take a picture and this is as close as she would get!!
She helped Nana and Boba (that is what she calls my parents, Boba is what we called my great grandfather) put up there Christmas tree and decorate it!

I wish so badly we could have a dog. Peyton LOVES dogs so much. She had so much fun with Gretchen. I think Gretchen was ready for us to leave cuz Peyton bugged her so much!!

We had a lot of fun in Washington!! It seems like it was so long ago that we were there. Hopefully someday Joel can be transfer up there so we can be closer to my family!!

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