Thursday, December 20, 2007

That time of year

It seems to be that time of year where you are always making yummy treats and taking them around to family and friends. Well yesterday we had our neighbors over for dinner and then decorated sugar cookies. We all had so much fun. I got everything earlier in the day time by preparing the dough and making all the frosting. Peyton even helped me and got mad when I wouldn't let her hold the hand mixer all by herself. By the time we were done making the frosting I had red and green frosting all over my kitchen. What a mess it was but how fun it is to bake with Peyton!! Here are some of the pictures I took of yesterday. Peyton got to lick a beater with frosting and was so excited. After she was done with it, she licked it so clean it looked like it had just come out of the wash!!!

She still looks pretty clean her in this picture. She was just getting started!

Like I said she was so excited to eat this she even took a quick second to smile at the camera!

By the time she was done it was all over her face, hands, and clothes!! It almost looked like she was bleeding. Maybe I should have given her the green one!!

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