Saturday, September 1, 2007

Little Gems

Well I thought I should let everyone know that my blogging will be slowing down. I just started a new job and am so so busy. The only time I will probably blog is on the weekend seeing how that will be my only free time.

I just started a job at a place called Little Gems. It is a pre-school/daycare. I will actually be a teacher in the pre-school area working with the 3 year olds. Peyton will be in a different class with her age group. I know what people think when they hear daycare but it's actually more like a pre-school and it was rated #1 in Twin Falls. That being said is great seeing how there are over 50 daycares/pre-schools in Twin Falls. I am very excited to be doing this not only for myself but for Peyton. They teach a lot of great things that will benefit Peyton. She is getting on a wonderful schedule which is really helping me out. And she's not a picky eater anymore because she can't snack all day like she usually does at home. She only gets breakfast, lunch, a afternoon snack and dinner. Peyton is doing well with the whole situation. I can already see a change in her. Plus the extra money is GREAT!!

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