Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well last night we went to the PBR Rodeo in Rupert, Idaho!! Enterprise actually sponsors the whole PBR tour. So Joel got tickets from work to go. We took my aunt and uncle that live here in Twin Falls. Since living here they have really gotten to know Peyton and have become like another set of grandparents to her!! They spoil her so much!! For most of the night this is exactly what Peyton's face looked liked! She loved the horses and all the wild bulls!! She was an angel sitting there for 3 whole hours and not once did she want to leave!!

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the rodeo!! The ones to the far right are Peyton with my aunt Sandy and my uncle Jim!!

Look at my little cowgirl!! She look so stinkin' cute
in her pink cowgirl boots!! She loved them and fit right in with all the cowgirls at the rodeo!!


The Conger's said...

How Cute! I love the boots! You look great Tegan!!! I love your hair! We'll miss you so much when we go to Bear Lake!
Love, Holly

Dayna said...

Love Peyton's excited face! She looks so cute!