Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great weekend!

Well this last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Conger came to visit along with aunt Emma and uncle Jon and James!! We all had so much fun. It's not like we were out every second doing something of great fun but it was really nice to just hang out and relax.

Peyton loved having everyone here. But I must say that Grandpa Conger captures her heart the most. She wanted to be with him every second that she could and and if she couldn't be with him she got very upset. I think that Sherm really enjoyed this!!

Also while they were here Joel and Sherm put Peyton's new bedroom furniture together. She is now in a big girl bed!! Peyton also got her hair french braided from Grandma!! It looked absolutely beautiful!! What a fun time we had. It was so nice to spend time with them. Thank you so much for coming to visit!!

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Tonia Conger said...

sounds so fun. They are coming to visit us this weekend. I think it's tour de familia for the Congers. I think we'll have a great time, too. Hope to see you soon Tegan. Say hi to your husband for me and kiss Peyton.