Friday, January 18, 2008

Potty Time

So we have really been working hard with Peyton and the the potty thing. What joy it is!! The other day Peyton had just peed on my carpet and I just got done yelling at her that we don't pee on the floor and that we pee in the potty she marched with her hands straight down to her side her head down and headed for the bathroom. This picture here is of her upset and won't even look at me because she knew she was in trouble for peeing on my floor!!

So ashamed

So we have had good days and really bad days with the potty thing. Sometimes I feel like I am going to give up and wait till she is older but then some days I feel like she is getting it. Yesterday was not the day to think she was actually getting the concept of it. When I sent her to the bathroom to go potty and then went back to check on her this is what I found her doing.

She definitely wasn't trying to go potty. I think she was tired of the whole process.

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Holly said...

Tegan, I'm so proud of you for sticking with the potty thing. It's tough! That's so cool that you are doing Kindermusic too. You are such an awesome mom. I miss you all!