Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Thanks Kristin for the tag!!! It's always great to take a second and think about things and what better way then to blog about it!!!

5 things on my to-do list:
1-Mail out ebay stuff and peyton's invitations
2-Get some sleep
3-Clean my house
4-Start my new book The Chance
5-Shope for Peyton's birthday stuff
I Enjoy:
1-Sleeping in on the weekends
2-Cooking new things
3-Digital scrapbooking
4-Cleaning my house
5-Organizing closets and cupboards
6-Playing with Peyton
7-Spening time with the hubby
8-Hanging out with friends
9-Spending time with my mom
10-Internet surfing
Suddenly Made a Billionaire: I would move back home and be by my family. I would give money to all my family and Joel's family. Then I would buy a house and invest the rest.
5 jobs I have had:
1- Dental Assistant
2-Preschool teacher
3-Retail at the GAP
4-Receptionist at a tanning and nail salon
5-Testing peas in a lab
5 thing people don't know about me:
1-I have broke 4 bones in my body and the only one in my family to break anything out of 7 kids
2-Was told I would never have kids
3-Played soccer for 13 years
4-Can't stand people eating with there mouths opened or talking while eating
5-I have always been afraid that I am dying of some disease or illness
I tag: Nicole!!!


Grandma B said...

Love the list of wants and needs. We also, if we had a million, would do basically what you would do. Especially buying the houses for EVERYONE, then investing the rest. The investing thing is possible without the million though. Just pay yourselves first. The thing that really peeked my curiosity was digital scrapbooking. How do you do that? I am just trying to do my scrapbooking, I guess, using the "horse and buggy" method !!

Dayna said...

so fun to read!