Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ranch Dressing

Today at lunch time I was laughing so much that I had to run and grab the camera. Peyton's new favorite thing is ranch dressing. She LOVES it on almost anything. But she especially loves it with chicken nuggets. Today and lunch after she decided she didn't want anymore chicken she decided to dump her plate over to get rid of the chicken. Then she decided to lick her plate and eat only the ranch dressing. It was such a mess and her hair looks so funny. It looks like I put too much wax or gel in it.........but really it's from the ranch. I can't believe how greasy that stuff is!!

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Dayna said...

She is SO cute and such a funny little ball of fire. I hope she will let me hold her when we see you:) And THANKS SO MUCH for being so willing to share girl clothes with me! I only have one thing right now! You are so sweet!