Monday, May 14, 2007

G Diapers

I wanted to share this great new thing that my friend recently told me about. They are these diapers called G diapers. They are so adorable and very enviromental friendly. They are a mix between cloth and disposable diapers. What you do is buy the outside of the diaper. (which are very cute and fashionable!) Then you buy these linners that go inside them. I am going to place an order and am so excited to get them. My friend has been using them and LOVES them. And the best part is you can flush the linners. So that means no more stinky mess making your house smell like your child bum!!


Dayna said...

I've got to check these out. They look awesome.

Kristin Bishop said...

I heard about these...for girls they are sooo cute. I'm glad you gave me the e-mail...there is a girl in my ward who wanted to know where she could find them. I LOVED your slideshow. You are looking so skinny...I am jealous. I still have about 12-13 pounds to go. My stomach is gross! HA HA HA, how long did it take you to get back to normal. Well...peyton is getting more adorable by the day. I can't beleive how much older they look when they learn to walk.
talk to you soon, call me when you come to Logan or Utah. I will be in Utah from the 19th-june 3rd. I would love you to stop by one morning or afternoon.