Thursday, May 10, 2007

City Park!

So today was another beautiful day her in Twin Falls!! And since there isn't a whole lot to do in this town Peyton and I spend a lot of our days at the City Park. It such a fun place to go and it's huge with grasses fields everywhere!! Peyton loves to go there and just run around. But today we had to leave early because she was being a little monkey and bugging everyone!! When we first got to the park today she decided to run up to this old man who had a little dog. She was mauling the dog and hugging it and kissing it. The old man was really nice about it but Peyton just doesn't get it that you can't do that. Then the whole rest of the time she kept running over to this little girls party and interrupting. She went over there a half a dozen times. So we had to leave the park since Peyton was bothering everyone!!

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The Leavitt Family said...

Gotta love this age! :)