Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trash Digger

Quick little update on Zoey. We are still loving her and having fun with her. But she has her moments that make me not want her........for example she LOVES to dig in the garbage. GROSS.....I remember we had a dog growing up that also liked to do this. It drives me crazy and I hate it more than anything when dogs do that kind of stuff. I hope she will learn soon that it's not okay especially in this house to do that. Potty training has been going really well!!! I will say it has been a few days since I have cleaned anything poop or pee!!!


Idaho Pascoes said...

Yea for the potty training! It's so nice to be able to walk around barefoot in your house & not be afraid you might step in something!
Thank goodness our dogs have not gotten into trash - NASTY!!! They have, however, chewed up most of Bob's shoes, hats, socks, shirts, & recently my brand new sheets (those were more of tug-of-war then chewing). Mostly its Bob's stuff cuz he doesn't put it away properly if at all. It was easier to train the dogs than him. Obviously he still hasn't learned.
Despite ALL this, they are still so worth it. Especially when they fall asleep snuggling with you =)

Grandma B said...

O.K. I have a looks like Zoey made it close to the toilet, why didn't she just USE IT !! Aren't little pets cute..!! (: (: (: (:

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.....LOL

Kristin said...

Hey! I haven't talked to you forever! Peyton is as darling as ever! When is baby #2 in the plans??? What a darling little puppy. I would love one...but I have no patience for potty training.
How are you liking idaho?