Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I have had Breaking Dawn now for 6 days and thought I would already be done with it. I am struggling to get it done because I have been super busy. Every time I sit down to read I am interrupted by my lovely little daughter. I hope in a week I can finish it. I am planning on staying up for most of the night just to get it done. I really need to finish before I go crazy!!!!


Grandma B said...

good morning dear tegan. is Breaking Dawn a book? if so, what is it about? i just finished reading "The Last Lecture" and it was a wonderful read.

grandpa and i are hanging in there. it takes the two of us to mow the lawn, and do the yardwork now, but that's alright.

how are things going with you and yours? how are your jobs? did i send you the information about the First Time Home Buyers Credit? if not, let me know.


Grandma B said...

how is little peyton doing? would imagine she is growing in leaps and bounds.