Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yes, we finally gave in.  Okay lets me honest Joel finally gave in to me and Peyton begging for a trampoline!  I have been watching the sunday ads for several weeks waiting for this trampoline to go on sale at Fred Meyers.  It finally went on sale for $199 after the original price was $399.  Peyton loves it and has been not stop jumping in it.  I will admit that I love it just as much and have spent a few fun nights out on the tramp showing Peyton my old cheerleading jumps that I learned way back when on a tramp, and other times just laying on it staring at the stars!  It will definitely gets its use out in our house!


Sandra said...

Oh how fun. Maddie was so proud of her flips the other day. She wanted to show us...she was doing somersaults. She was sure proud though!

jodie333 said...

You should have asked you could have had ours! U are BRAVE! at least it still had a net! Ours gives me a heart attack!!! Cant wait to get overthere and play on it though! Sprinkler here we come!!!