Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is Perfect!

Okay I came across this as I was blog stalking (Next Post!) and when I saw this I thought of the one and only person........ME!
You may be asking yourself why I think I am the queen of random.  Have you ever really read my blog. I am so off the wall sometimes in my blog and blog about the dumbest stuff.  Pointless stuff, and it's never consistent.  I figure I am probably never going to change how I blog and might continue to neglect my blog for several weeks then blog a ton.  My life is random and I make it more that way everyday.  Not only am I random but I am so indecisive about EVERYTHING.  Have you noticed how many times I have changed my blog in the last 2 months?  I can't ever decide on anything and when I finally do it doesn't take long for me to change my mind once again.  Just ask Joel how much he loves this about me.  You could ask Joel how many times I have re-arranged rooms in my house, cupboards, drawers, and closets. 

♒ ♒ ♒ 

 One day this week I was having a really bad day.  Everything went wrong.  I was talking to my friend on the phone about my day and she invited me over or a fun/relaxing night at her house.  My response to her was No.  I said no because my idea of dealing with a bad day and being in a pissy mood is to organize and clean and re-arrange my house.  That day I went out and spent close to $100 on just plastic tubs, baskets, and dividers.  I spent my evening clearing out a closet and cupboard mostly organizing my scrap-booking stuff.

♒ ♒ ♒

After reading this post you will surely agree with my newly posted picture!!  Seriously I am the queen of random and it's only going to get worse!

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