Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goodbye Jetta, Hello Rogue!

Yes, we have done it again.  Since Joel and I have been married we have owned a total of 6 different cars and this one will count as #7.  I know we are crazy.  I have loved my Jetta but ever since we had gotten rid of my sweet fully loaded Santa Fe I have missed my SUV.  The Jetta is just too small for us.  Even though our family won't be growing anymore I still felt we needed something bigger and of course I wanted my SUV back.  

In this market trading in your car is a nightmare and most people will be upside down on there loan (if they have one).  Fortunately one of my best friends dad is a manager at a dealership.  She hooked us up big time and her dad gave us full trade on our Jetta which anywhere else we would have gotten $3,000 less.  THANK YOU MIKE!!!!  

Here is our new ride, THAT I LOVE!!!

Nissan Rogue Krom Edition



Taryn Lynn said...

WOW!!!! Looks awesome! I love it!

Sandra said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Looks really nice. We are driving ours till they die. Btw, I love the new look of your blog. You did change it recently right? Are you creating all this stuff yourself? Really impressive!

Tegan said...

Thanks!! Yes I change my blog WAY too much. Ya I do it myself. If you ever want something made let me know :)

Holly said...

I was just telling Ryan how much I love the Rogue and Murano. That's awesome that you got such a great deal! You'll have to enjoy that sweet ride all the way to Logan! :) Congrats!

Tegan said...

looks like a sweet ride. how many hot boys do you pick up in that?

Tegan said...

Thanks for the comment Joel :)