Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

I just recently found out that for Thanksgiving this year my family will be coming out here from Washington. I am so excited to spend time with them especially on Thanksgiving. The last time I spent Thanksgiving with them was 5 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long, but since I met Joel I have always spent Thanksgiving with all his family. Except last year when we decided to not do Thanksgiving because Peyton was sick and everyone went down to SLC. Instead we ordered pizza and rented movies and put up all our Christmas tree!!
It will be fun to have everyone here. Did I tell you that there will be 28 people? And did I tell you that my 89 year old Grandma is cooking for all of us? She cooks Thanksgiving every year. And the sad thing is she WON'T let anyone help. We have all these great cooks, especially my sister, and the only thing she wants us to do is a salad. Silly old Grandma!! We just love her so so much!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Dayna said...

Holy Cow! What a huge group. That will be so much fun. I am excited for you guys. Matt has to work on fun for us!

Rebecca said...

I am so glad for you, Tegan, that you will be with your family. We only wish that you could be two places at once - with us, of course. Have a wonderful day and know that we love you completely. Your contributions are always treasured. Love, B