Monday, April 2, 2007

Here we are!!

Well I know it's been a month since I last posted anything but we have been so busy with packing and moving here to Twin Falls. And we haven't had the internet for over a week and just finally got it since we just moved. So here we are in Twin. It's so funny to Joel and I because everynight he comes home we are so so bored. But if we were in Logan and he came home we wouldn't be doing anything either and we would never be bored. I think it's just cuz we are in a new wierd place and don't have any friends yet. We go out to dinner with my aunt and unlce and go see my grandma because that is the only family we have here. But hopefully soon we will meet some fun people and we can get together with them!! I guess we just have to give Twin some time before we love it!!

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